How To Clean a Waffle Maker: A Quick and Easy Guide

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So you woke up and now you’re looking to have some good breakfast and down it with a solid cup of coffee. What sounds like something really good to have? Waffles!

Who doesn’t love waffles?

Except no one likes cleaning the waffle maker. Let’s be honest. You would have a lot more waffles for morning breakfasts if the batter didn’t clog up your waffle machine and make it a nightmare to clean every time you wanted to make breakfast.

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Fear not; this article will provide you the necessary steps and guidelines on how to clean a waffle maker so that you can enjoy a hearty breakfast.


How to Clean a Waffle Maker

Before you follow these steps, it should be noted that you should refer to the manual that came with the machine, in case there are any special instructions or steps pertaining to the machine you are using, which takes priority.

how to clean a waffle maker

At first, before cleaning, you need to unplug your waffle iron and leave it to cool for some time. Chances are you have an electric waffle iron with a non-stick plate.

What this entails is that you can’t dump the iron in water and hope it cleans itself. Waffle irons can get quite hot, so you should allow it to cool itself before cleaning it, or you might suffer some painful burns.

Take a dry paper towel. You will want to dab parts of the iron with the paper towel to remove excess oil that may still be left in the machine. Fold the paper towel in order to access much tighter spaces.

While removing the extra oil might have been easy, what about leftover crumbs from the batter that’s been stuck between the ridges. Your best bet is to use a brush with soft bristles so as to not scratch the surface. Lightly brush the crumbs away, pressing at certain points to ensure a good clean.

Some of the batter from when you made the waffles might have hardened over. These are a bit of a pain to remove.

You will want to soften them up, which will allow you to break them a bit and then brush away the crumbs. To do this, heat up a kitchen cloth or towel with hot water. Ring it out until the water stops dripping and then press it onto the iron. Let it stay there for a few minutes. The heat will loosen up the batter.

Surprisingly, a rubber spatula is quite a good tool for cleaning the softened batter from the iron. It is malleable and tough enough, alongside not scratching the surface.

They are also thin enough that you can easily remove batter between the ridges once they have been softened up. Use it to scrape any remaining batter. A sponge is also a good alternative but make sure the particular sponge can be used with non-stick surfaces.

Finally, close the machine and take a damped cloth and start cleaning the exterior.

Make sure it is not plugged in and avoid electrical parts. A damped cloth will reduce the chances of getting shocked, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful.

An Alternative Approach for Cleaning a Waffle Maker

If you’re using a waffle iron that can be removed from the machine then you can follow these steps to clean it:

  • Similar to the first step in the previous guide, unplug the machine and let it cool for a few minutes. Follow your instruction manual on how to remove the iron as there might be a chance you can damage it.
  • Use either your sink or a water bath and pour some hot water into it. Immerse the iron into the water. Do not add soap as it may damage and deteriorate the surface of the iron.
  • Take a sponge (make sure it works on non-sticking surfaces) or a brush(use one with soft bristles) and gently clean the plates. Do not apply too much force when cleaning or you’ll scratch the surface. The water and the sponge will make it easy to clean.
  • Turn on the water in your sink and let it run through the iron. Hold the iron vertically to allow better cleaning. This ensures that any leftover crumbs missed by the brush or sponge in the previous step will get cleaned by the running water.
  • Take a towel and clean the water off the iron. Then, leave the iron to dry in a drying rack. Make sure they are completely dry before you attach them back to the machine.

Additional Tips

You now hopefully have a good general idea of how to go about cleaning your waffle machine. Aside from these steps, here are some tips to make your life a bit easier and have you enjoy those tasty waffles without worry:

  • Oil tends to accumulate in the iron. Usually, it’s the excess oil. To make it easier to clean, you can use a paper towel moistened with white vinegar. This will allow for easier cleaning.
  • To make the cleaning process less difficult for you to try not to apply too much oil when making your waffles. Best to use cooking oil in a refillable spray bottle and apply it during the start and not before every waffle.
  • Similarly, check the batter you’re making. If it’s sticking too much and leaving a mess, you’re going to have a hard time regardless. The proper batter will definitely make the cleaning process much less tedious.
  • If there is any batter caked-on, applying some cooking oil and let it sit for a few minutes will make it easier to wipe away with a towel.
  • A mix of corn-starch and water can provide a surprisingly good polish to the machine. Simply spray and then heat up the iron. A white layer will form, which can be removed to leave a clean finish.


Even the good waffle makers need cleaning. So, don’t forget to clean your device. Follow these tips and guidelines, and hopefully, you’ll be properly able to maintain your waffle machine and continue making delicious waffles for your breakfast.


Why do waffles keep sticking to the waffle maker?

It is important to season your waffle iron properly, as a new or rarely used one may not have the right amount of grease. To help with this issue when you make pancakes and waffles for breakfast I recommend adding some oil mixed into them just before cooking which will act like an effective lubricant so that food does not stick in between the grids of the maker.

Can you use soap to clean a waffle iron?

It’s not recommended to clean your waffle iron with soap because soap can leave a residue on the surface of your waffle iron. This residue will cause waffles to stick to the grid and they also won’t taste as good as they could. If you do insist on using soap, make sure that it is no-residue soap.

Can I put my waffle maker in the dishwasher?

Waffle makers are designed to be water resistant but not waterproof. If the waffle maker is left in too long, it can potentially cause a short circuit that could damage your appliance. To avoid any issues with your waffle maker or other kitchen appliances, we do not recommend putting your waffle maker in the dishwasher. However, if you feel compelled to put yours in the dishwasher due to lack of counter space, make sure you remove any removable parts first and hand wash them after cleaning your machine. Waffles will taste just as delicious without spoiling your appliance!

Should I spray my waffle iron?

A lot of people wonder if spraying their waffle irons will help them make better tasting or more evenly cooked waffles. The fact is that there is no need to spray your waffle iron unless it has nonstick coating.

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