How to Clean Bottom of Stainless Steel Pans Correctly

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We have all spend a very long time trying to clean the grease off pots and pans in the kitchen. So, there is no need to let you all how annoying it can become, especially if it’s something we have to do on a regular basis without someone helping us out. It can easily come to a job we despise.

So, how to clean bottom of stainless steel pans in the most efficient way, which would save us time and hassle? Well, to know the answer to the question you’re going to have to read the whole article and by the end of it, you should become a pro. So, let’s jump right into it!


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How To Clean Different Types of Stains From Pans

On a daily basis, we cook many things in our stainless steel pans, and therefore they can accumulate various stains and marks. Each of these has to be treated differently to ensure they are removed completely, and none of the residues remains after the wash.

1. Clean Burnt Mark from Bottom of Stainless Steel Pan

Often the problem with the stainless steel pan isn’t the burnt food, but the brunt pans themselves, now how are you supposed to get rid of the burn mark?

Baking Soda

Here we are going to use the baking soda to clean up this essential household item. This is a pretty simple process actually.

You only have to make a paste with some dish soap and the baking soda, and then apply it over all the affected areas of the pan. For the best results, you should keep the mixture overnight. In the morning, the stain will be gone when you take it under the sink for a wash.

Carbonated Soda

If you have some done some cleaning before, then you know soda can be very good with cleaning pots and pans. The soda can be of any kind; you could opt for Cocacola for this if you want.

All you have to do here is pour the soda on the burnt parts of the pan and put it on the stove. You are to let it come to a boil right away, take it off the heat, and leave it be for a little while. When the soda comes to room temperature. That all, now you use a sponge to go over the burnt areas and later rinse the pan. And you’re done!

2. Cleaning Off Burnt Food from Stainless Steel Pan

Very often, we tend to burn food while cooking in our pots and pans, even if it is not a big burn, but we might, at times, have burnt food stuck to the bottom of the pan. So, it would be very difficult to cook on the pan without clearing off the burnt bits at the bottom.

Use Boiling Water: Cleaning it off is not a very big task. The first thing you should do is use a scrubber to take away as much of the burnt layer as possible. Some of the burnt food will be easy to scrub off; however, other parts might be stubborn and might take a while. For this, you need to put in a bit more elbow grease.

Fill the pot or pan with water and leave it to soak for a little while. This will help lift the burnt food from the pan. A step further would be to but the pan back on the stove and bring the water to boil. Once it boils, you can take a wooded spoon or a spatula and scrub off all the remaining bits. Also, if you buy a dishwasher safe pan, it would become easy to clean.

Baking Soda: You may already clean different items in your house using baking soda; they are very good at taking the dirt right off. And the cleaning process isn’t even that complicated.

To clean using baking soda, you have to first fill the pan with water; you don’t have to fill it too the brim; as long as the burnt food is submerged, it’s all good. Then you should pour in about a cup of vinegar into the water and put it on your stovetop. When you see the liquid mixture has come to a boil, you can take it off heat.

Now is the time to add in around 2 tablespoons of baking soda; if there isn’t that much food stuck to the stainless steel pan, then you can opt for a lesser amount. Mix the baking soda in with the water and vinegar mixture. Let it sit on the pan for a while so that the burnt stuck food can easily be scrubbed off.

Dump all the content out and use a sponge to scrub all the food off. You should see the particles and chunks sort of peel away easily in no time.

Lemon and Salt: One of the most common non-chemical cleaning ingredients in our pantry is lemon or lime; they have been known to make most things spotless. Add salt to lemon, and you have the right mix to take off all burnt food right off your stainless steel pan.

Now, to clean the burnt bit off at first, you have to use the juice of a whole lemon, pour it or squeeze it on to the pan, and add in salt. The lemon and salt mixture need to sit on the pan for a while for the solution to actually do something to the burnt stuck food. Once you’ve waited for some time, you need to add in some more salt.

Now you can use a sponge or a scrub to clean off all the food on the pan. At this point, all of it should come off, but if it doesn’t, you could use some water to ease it off. And once you’re done wash and clean as you normally would.

How to Maintain the Bottom of Your Stainless Steel Pan

There are obviously numerous ways in which we can clean out stainless steel pans, but wouldn’t it be better if we can maintain the pan.

  1. These stainless steel pans can get water stains easily, so you should try and prevent it by drying it right after the wash.
  2. Try to be gentle with the pans; you could very easily scratch them up if you used something harsh to clean them.

Final Words

We have finally come to the end of the article. Now you know which products you can use to clean the stainless steel pan and also how to maintain it properly to avoid future stains and burn marks.

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