What Size Tablecloth For 8 Foot Table or More

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Are you tensed and thinking about what size of tablecloth for 8 feet table is needed to cover your table so that it looks attractive to everyone along with you?

Maybe you are thinking of buying multiple sizes to remove your confusion, and this kind of situation might put you in panic mode and ruin all of your plans.

If you are planning for a big event, the mentioned scenario will come as a big challenge for you.

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However, the good news is that there is a solution you can apply to overcome this problem. And the following article will make sure of that.

After reading it thoroughly, you will have a full understanding of the tablecloth size guide, and with this knowledge, you can easily pick the best tablecloth for your 8 feet table or more.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


What Size of Tablecloth Do I Need?

To find the right size, you need to do some basic calculations. The steps are provided below:

  • Measure your 8 ft table dimensions in inches. The dimensions are shown as length x width. The width is also known as the diameter.
  • Choose your desired drop length for your tablecloth. The drop length is defined as the length that your tablecloth hangs from the top of your table.
  • As you have 8 feet table, you should find out how many inches are in 8 ft.
  • Multiply the chosen drop length by 2. Then add this new value with the size of the tablecloth that you have found out from the above step.
  • Search the website and talk to experienced people about your choice of the size.
  • Choose the closest one from various standard tablecloth sizes.

Round Tables

To find the tablecloth size for the round tables, you have to know the table size and the lap-length drop of your choice. The standard lap-length drop is mainly considered as 15 inches, which covers half the area between the tabletop and the floor. Multiply the drop length with 2 and add the result with the table size.

For 8 feet or 96-inch table, choose 15-inch drop length. So, multiplying 15 by 2 is equal to 30 (15 x 2 = 30). Then, add the 30 inches with your 96-inch table. The overall result is 126-inch (96 + 30 = 126). This shows that you need 126 inches of tablecloth for a round table (8 feet).

Accordingly, if you are interested in calculating the lap-length drop for getting the result as accurate as possible, you have to do some important calculations.

Suppose you have a 156-inch tablecloth for your 96-inch round table. You can simply subtract 96 inches from 156 inches (156 – 96 = 60) and divide the result by 2 (60/2 = 30) to get the drop length.

The calculation shows that the tablecloth will hang 30 inches from the tabletop. Thus, you can calculate for different round banquet table sizes (more than 8 feet).

Square Tables

To find the lap-length drop, you can do the same type of calculations that were done for round tables. For example, you have 8 feet or 96-inch square table and a 116-inch square tablecloth. Start with subtracting 96 from 116 (116 – 96 = 20), and divide the result by 2 (20/2 = 10).

As you can see, the tablecloth will hang 10 inches from the tabletop (less than halfway to the floor). If you want to find out the tablecloth size, you have to know your chosen lap-length drop and the table size. For 8 feet (96 inches) square table, multiply the drop length by 2 and then add the result with the table size.

In this step, you have chosen a 15-inch drop length for your table. Therefore, multiply 15 by 2 (15 x 2 = 30) and add 30 inches with 96 inches (30 + 96 = 126). This shows that you will need a 126-inch table cloth for your 8 feet square table.

Rectangular Tables

You can do the same calculations again to find the lap-length drop in the case of rectangular tables. Always find out the dimensions (length and width) of the table to do all the calculations accurately.

If you have a rectangular table size of 8 feet (96 inches), it will have 30 inches of width and 96 inches of length, and thus have a 90×196-inch rectangular tablecloth. Subtract 30 from 90 to get 60 inches of width (90 – 30 = 60) and 96 from 196 to get 100 inches of length (196 – 96 = 100).

Then divide all of the individual results by 2. You will have a 30-inch drop parallel to the width (60/2 = 30) and a 50-inch drop parallel to the length (100/2 = 50).

Likewise, to find out the tablecloth size, you need to know your required drop length and the table size. For 8 feet (96 inches) rectangular table, you probably want to have a drop length of 11 inches on the side of the length and 12 inches for the width. Multiply the numbers by 2 (11 x 2 = 22 and 12 x 2 = 24).

According to this calculation, you have 30-inch dimensions by 96-inch for the 8 feet table. Now, you should add 30-inch and 96-inch with the calculated drop individually (30 + 22 = 52 and 96 + 24 = 120). Thus, you will need a 52×120-inch sized rectangular tablecloth to satisfy all of your requirements.


I hope this article has successfully solved all of your confusion regarding the question of what size of tablecloth for 8 feet table.

Check all of the calculations carefully for each table categories so that you can get the best tablecloth in any situation. Consult with your family and friends for additional advice. They might provide you some bonus tips that will help you throughout this whole process. Choose the right one.

Best of luck!


What is the right size for a round tablecloth with leaves?

There’s a few different things you’ll need to keep in mind when it comes time to buy tablecloths for your round tables. If there are six people, the best thing is an 80-to 90-inch oval cloth or if eight graciously sit around then go with 102-to 108 inches. For ten up twelve, feel free not only experiment with other sizes such as 112in by 116in (a square) but also consider purchasing two rectangular pieces cut into thirds lengthwise which can easily meet at each corner creating even more space than just buying one piece would allow!

How many feet of tablecloth will you need for 60 round tables?

What’s the diameter, and how do we calculate that from a square foot size to make sure it fits well on each table? Every inch is about 10 square inches. The amount of cloth needed depends completely on your preference as there are no hard numbers in this case; however, if you want enough fabric so that seams don’t show through then an estimation would be around 120-140″ per length (the width).

How much does a card table cloth typically cover?

A tablecloth size will be dependent on the size of the table. Card tables are usually determined by how many players there is, so this means that it may vary! But an average standard-sized cloth has a width and length of 54 inches by 108 inches respectively.

What color tablecloth should I use?

Think about the color of your walls and use a tablecloth that complements them. I recommend trying a soft green, it’ll look great!

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