Vacuum Cleaner: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Zero M Reviews

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Looking for the best upright vacuum in the market? Then you’ve come to the right place. There are numerous vacuum cleaners in the world, but only a few can go unquestioned in terms of quality, suction, and power. One of them being the ZU561 from Shark.

This upright vacuum is unlike most other competitors you’ll find in the market. Because of its astounding suction power coupled with several handy features, you can call it the best option to get.

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In this shark navigator lift away zero m reviews article, we’ll tell you all there is to know about this beast of a machine and what it has to offer you.


Suction Power and Performance

The most important feature to discuss about this awesome vacuum cleaner is the incredible suction power. With a motor having 800 watts power, the ZU561 produces 245 air watts of suction.

So you see, it’s not that hard to imagine how tremendous power it has. This is more than enough to remove even the most troublesome dirt and debris of an old carpet. So other than carpets such as floorboards or tiles don’t even pose a challenge for this machine.

Therefore, if you have high-pile carpeting in your house, there is no other vacuum cleaner you should pick other than the Shark Navigator ZU561.


Although most upright vacuums are bulky and large in size, the Shark ZU561 is the exact opposite. It is not only slim in shape; it also lacks the bulk and heft present in most other vacuums. Besides, it has a simple and clear design that is soothing to look at.

The Shark Navigator comes with a handy beater bar to help you extract dust and dirt from the carpet fiber easily. This beater bar makes the machine a perfect tool for all high-pile carpets as well as old shaggy rugs.

Moreover, you have all the major and common features in this vacuum cleaner and a tool to regulate the suction power on the handle. This helps out a lot while cleaning delicate surfaces or hard floors. On top of that, it features the Zero-M brushroll that makes sucking out the dirt ultra-efficient.

Self-Cleaning Feature

Talking about the Zero-M brushroll, it is a self-cleaning feature that prevents hair, fur, or pet dander from clogging the inlet. Usually, houses with pets tend to clog vacuum cleaners with hairballs and brushes from working properly.

The self-cleaning brushroll helps out by moving over the pile of hair and swallowing it whole by the motor.

Anti-Allergen Seal

This is an important feature to have for all the neat freaks out there. When you buy a vacuum cleaner, the dust being vacuumed must stay inside the machine as long as you don’t take it out.

The Shark Navigator vacuum features an anti-allergen seal that can prevent any dust particle from leaking out of the machine. This means when dust or allergens enter the vacuum, it will never be able to escape. Now you don’t have to worry about doing multiple passes on the same place to pick up any leaked particles anymore.

Perfect HEPA Filtration

There is no merit in buying a vacuum cleaner that has no HEPA filter. When you get a true HEPA filter in a vacuum cleaner, it can capture more than 99% of the dust particles. The Shark cleaner having this HEPA filter is also able to just that.

Huge Dust Cup

This Shark vacuum also features a huge dust cap of 2.2 liters or 2.2 quarts. It can hold more than twice the amount of the competitor vacuum cleaners out there. A huge dust cap such as this means that you can clean continuously without having to empty the dust cup.


Vacuuming a whole house can be a tiring task, and if the machine is heavy or hard to move around, the job becomes much more difficult. But this ZU561 is designed with such convenience and simplicity that cleaning with it feels like you’re only pulling a feather.

This vacuum weighs just 13.4 pounds and feels surprisingly lightweight for an upright vacuum. You don’t feel tired at all maneuvering this machine all over the house.

Besides, its swiveling floorhead neck also makes pushing the machine easier for your back. This floorhead also sits on two rear wheels for a smooth transition from one surface to another. It has a 25-foot power cord that is long enough to clean multiple rooms from a single power source.

Handheld Canister Module

Along with the Swivel steering and upright use of this vacuum cleaner, the ZU561 also sports another awesome feature that adds to the convenience of its vacuuming experience. And this is the Lift-Away handheld canister mode of this cleaner that helps you when you need to do a bit of spot cleaning here and there.

You can very easily detach the pod to go into Lift-Away mode. This makes it easier to lift it and clean the ceiling or furniture in the house.

Once detached, the Shark Lift-Away upright module weighs less than 9 pounds. You can reach a reasonable height in this mode with the help of its 6.6-foot hose. This makes spot-cleaning easier and more enjoyable than ever before.


While the Shark Navigator ZU561 is an excellent vacuum cleaner to have, it is not without drawbacks. For one, its Zero-M Brushroll doesn’t always work very well. Sometimes you can see hair getting stuck to it, and you need to remove it yourself manually.

Another disappointing thing is the lack of any onboard storage space for cleaning attachments. This can become a bit annoying when you need to clean the pipe or hose right away while cleaning.


Before wrapping up this piece, let’s have a brief look at the major specifications of this tremendous vacuum cleaner.

  • Weight: 13.4 lbs.
  • Dirt Bin Capacity: 2.2 quarts or 2.1 liters approx
  • Motor: 800 Watts
  • Power Cord Length: 25 feet (7.6 m)
  • Cleaning Hose Length: 6.6 feet (2 m)
  • Filters Types: Felt, Foam & HEPA 
  • Cleaning path: 12 inches
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 12 x 9.5 x 45.6 inches
  • Attachments: Duster Crevice Tool, Hair Removal Multi-Tool, and Wide Upholstery Tool

Final Words

After reading this Shark Navigator Lift Away Zero M reviews, you can be sure that this is the best vacuum to use in your home. With such a powerful motor that also featured a self-cleaning brushroll and a detachable canister, no other options in the market even stand a chance.

Besides, this vacuum is also great if you’re looking for an affordable option with robust performance, making your cleaning job effortless.

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