How to Clean Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet The Easy Way

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So, you’re a cast iron fan too? Well, we don’t see any other reason for what you would’ve come here for an answer on how to clean Le Creuset cast iron skillet. Don’t worry; you’ve knocked on the right door.

But the problem with cast iron cookware is they’re not anything like the regular cookware you struggle with in the kitchen. No, not only has their weight made them that way, but it includes the construction and nature of the materials as well.

We bet you think what if you can just get the regular pans. Well, you can, but that way, you’re going to miss a ton of extra advantages. Want to know what they are? Then, just take a peek below.

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Why Do You Need to Pick a Cast Iron Cookware?

We’re living in an era where nobody is ready to drop a penny without getting anything back. So, if you’ll go for the cast iron skillet, then we don’t think you’ll do it without a proper outcome in return, and the same goes for cookware. Well, let us tell you then why cast iron is a better choice than the other cosokware.


Nothing lasts forever, and that includes cookware too. But when it comes to the cast iron, there is a high chance of you losing track of time right after getting one. Actually, rather than deteriorating, it gets better with the passing time. Yes, we don’t deny that they’re heavy, but they’re worth it too.


If someone has told you that cast iron cookware costs a ton, don’t believe them. They’ve probably got the wrong one or never tried one. Without cutting your pocket too deep, you can easily get one within a price tag of $30.

Good Heat Retention

If you really want to keep any material ahead for heat retention among all the regular cookware you’ve dealt with so far, we say you go with the cast iron. After all, the level of consistency in temperature it can hold is something not everyone’s cup of tea.

How to Clean Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet: Step by Step

There’s no reason to deny that having a clear set of instructions often leads to better execution of a task. Well, that’s what you’re going to get below for cleaning up your cast iron skillet.

Step – 1: Start by Clearing the Excess Stuff

Remove all the excess oil and food from the cookware. It’s better to use paper towels for that. But before doing that, make sure the cookware hasn’t gone cold.

Step – 2: Use Soft-Bristled Nylon Brush

Look out for stuck-on food. If you see any trace of it, make sure it’s being removed. We say you use the soft-bristled nylon brush for that. In case you don’t have one anywhere around, a non-abrasive scrub pad will do a fine job too. But don’t even think about using any steel wool there. 

Step – 3: Add Dish Soap While Scrubbing

It’s nothing out of the ordinary to get an excessively sticky feeling on the cast iron. If you see something like that, then put 2/3 drops of any gentle dish soap when you’re giving it a scrub.

Step – 4: Rinse with Warm Water

Once you’re done with the scrubbing, turn on the water and rinse it thoroughly. And yes, the water has to be warm. If you’ve already got the best cast iron skillet, then no matter how hot the water is, it shouldn’t be a problem. 

Step – 5: Wipe It Dry

Rather than leaving the cookware to dry on its own in the air, take a paper towel or soft cloth to wipe it dry. Right after that, put it over the stove, where you’ll have to make sure the temperature doesn’t exceed 250-300°F.

Step – 6: Add Oil

Then, take a 1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil and add it to the cookware. You’re free to use anything like olive oil, corn oil, or coconut oil. As it’ll be tough to cover the whole area with oil by swirling, take a paper towel and distribute the oil all over the internal surface.

Step – 7: Finishing Off

Once the interior surface absorbs all the oil and starts getting the shiny-dark look after continuous rubbing, turn the stove off and let it cool down to store.

Final Words

If you’ve never been able to put together enough courage to get started with the cast iron cookware, then maybe that’s because you’re too scared with the cleaning. But as now you know how to clean Le Creuset cast iron skillet, we don’t think it’ll be anything that you can’t handle in the first place.

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