10 Ways To Organize Your Pots and Pans in Kitchen Cabinets

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The bulkiest and heaviest set of utensils you regularly use in your kitchen is the pot and pan set. These are large and bulky, hence always put a challenge while organizing inside a kitchen cabinet.

Although it seems to be a hard nut to crack, the most effective organizing ideas are often the simplest ones. To make it easier for you, we have piled up some of the smartest and simplest techniques in this piece.

If you have been scratching your head hard on how to organize pots and pans, we have got your back. Try these amazing ideas to transform the look, as well as the functionality of your kitchen in no time!

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1. Get a Sliding Storage

Sliding storages have been quite a popular choice for keeping pans organized. The best part of these storages is that you get to buy these from any kitchen appliance store. When you install sliding storage inside the cabinet, you get to shrink the sliders (where the pans are hanging from) while closing the door.

And when you need to use a pot, just slide open the slider, and the series of pans will beautifully unfold before you.

2. Use an Open Wire Rack

If you are not at all comfortable with cabinets, open-wire racks can be a great escape plan for you. These racks are easily found in any superstore and perfectly fit any kitchen corner. Being open, you can easily access the pans and lids instantly.

Plus, these racks add to the beauty of your kitchen, too. You can find more pan and pot organizers like this in the stores to make your storage easier.

3. Set a Pegboard

Pegboards are always attractive. No matter what you hang from it, it still looks crazy smart on a kitchen wall. Now, if you don’t have pegboards on your kitchen wall already, turn your blank, dull wall into beauty at once.

After setting a pegboard, simply hang the pans and pots from the hooks and have a keen look from a distance. Doesn’t it look awesome!

4. Use Two Rails

Have a close look at the wall next to your stove. Is it blank? Well, there you have an opportunity! Use two rails at a large pan’s distance and set S-hooks on it. Hang the pots from the hooks one after another.

Don’t let space in between rails to go wasted. You can simply place the lids on the railheads. But be careful while you place it in such a narrow space. It may get slid through the hollow and drop. Keeping the lids in a tilted manner may allow it a comfortable position.

5. Customize the Deep Drawer

The deep drawer of your kitchen cabinet shouldn’t be taken for granted and at face value. A little bit of customization will increase its functionality to a maximum level. Here’s what you can do. Take some pieces of plywood, preferably ¼-inch sized.

Now place the plywood at some distance from each other and divide the drawer into multiple slots. You can customize each slot according to your needs. Some slots may be larger, while some others maybe a little bit narrower.

This way, you can store maximum pans, and that too, without making a mess.

6. Use the Sidewall of the Cabinet

The outer wall at the very end of your kitchen cabinet set is often left blank. While it’s the default position, you can add some touch of excellence there too! Simply stick some hooks on it and hang the pots from there. It’s as simple as that.

You can use a towel bar as well if you want. This way, it will neither be visible to your guests, nor it will claim a large chunk of space. Minimalism at its best!

7. Use the Inner Side of the Cabinet

Now that you have made the most out of the outer wall of your kitchen cabinet, why not give the inside wall a touch of your creativity? Here’s how you can do it.

Once you open the cabinet door, you can see the door is empty and blank from the inside. You can always stick some hooks and towel bars there, too. This way, you can keep your pots inside the cabinet, as well as hang from its side, as well.

8. Hang Pots Over Your Head

Wanna take your creativity to the next level? Hang the pots from over your head. You can get some suspensions from the stores that you can suspend from the kitchen ceiling. From these suspensions, you can hang the pans over your head.

This way, it will save most of the space of your kitchen and add a vintage look to your kitchen, as well. If you are not in the mood for spending too many bucks on a suspender, just make your own! You can always repaint and use your old ladder, can’t you?

9. Make a Wall Cabinet for Lids

While we talk about how to organize pots and pans in kitchen cabinets, we don’t quite bat an eye on the lids. But these lids are sometimes the most difficult ones to manage. Dedicating a cabinet for lids may work perfectly in support of organizing all the pans and pots.

While making a wall cabinet for the lids, make sure you divide the storage into pocket-like slots. This way, you can easily keep all the lids inside and that too, with a great look on the wall. Prefer wooden structure for the best output.

10. Flip the Lids

Lastly, here’s a quick hack. While storing the pans and pots inside the cabinet, it is often a challenge to keep the lids. Usually, lids are placed on the pans with a lid-on position that claims a lot of space.

But if you need to place the pots inside the cabinet, just flip the lids upside down. It will allow more space for your cabinet.

Final Words

If you can keep calm and think through, you yourself can get tons of other ideas on how to organize pots and pans.We did our parts here by suggesting some of the smartest ideas out there.

If you think any of these will work for you, try it out right now and see the difference it makes!

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