Instant Pot Meal Cooking Tips

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One way to save time cooking is to focus on making Instant pot meals. Usually, they have fewer ingredients, so you can also save money. The time savings of cooking everything in one pot lessens the cleanup you must do and helps you get a healthy dinner on the table every night. These one-pot meal cooking tips will help you ensure success.


Always Shop with a Plan

All your meals may not be one-pot meals, but if you shop with a list and a plan of what to do with leftovers and every single item you buy, you’ll save not only time but also money. You won’t have to run out to the store to get last-minute things or change your mind and order in because you’re in a hurry if you always shop with a plan.

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Plan What to Do with Your Leftovers

Whether you’re cooking a one-pot meal or another meal, some of the leftovers can be used for another meal. For example, when you fix a sizeable meat-based meal like turkey and all the sides, you can use the leftovers to make another one-pot meal like an enchilada casserole or a pot of stew. If you have leftovers from the one-pot meal you can make it a component or a side to a bigger meal.

Ensure You Have the Right Tools

Other tools you need are things like a good cutting knife, a couple cutting boards so you can use one for meat and one for produce. Also, having an immersion blender can help you avoid blender explosions when trying to make your soups smooth. You’ll also need strainers, bowls, and dishes that enable you to set up your prepped food and ingredients before you start cooking and work without getting out new pots.

Do Your Prep First

When cooking a one-pot meal, there is no room for error if you want a meal everyone will enjoy. Skipping ingredients or steps happens due to poor planning. If you get everything ready first, just as they do in a fancy restaurant, you’ll find that cooking is generally more pleasant and relaxed. Plus, your food will taste much better when you do things correctly as directed.

Cooking meals in just one pot makes getting dinner on the table easy for a family or for a single person. Meals can be made easily and then stored by serving for lunches and quick dinners when you only have time for the drive-thru, thus avoiding eating food that is full of chemicals and bad for you.

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