What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Steaming Food

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Even though people these days don’t practice steaming that much, it actually is good for your health. At least, this process of cooking food keeps your food in natural shape, and it preserves the nutrients inside the food.

Besides, since you don’t have to add any fat with it, you can add the foods cooked in this process to your diet chart. But hey, every coin has two sides, right? So, here I’ll be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of steaming.

So, sit tight and don’t go anywhere until you read the whole write-up.

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Advantages of Applying the Steaming Process

When it comes down to cooking food, I personally like the steaming method. And guess what? It has a lot of advantages as well; these are as follows:

Eating Healthy Food

Yep, applying the steaming process for cooking can make your food healthy as you’re getting a whale of nutrients at once. When we talk about frying, baking, or even boiling, you lose important nutrients more often, but it’s actually essential for your entire body to stay healthy and fit.

The thing to be noted, any kind of oil and excess amount of spices aren’t necessary at all when you apply the steaming process for cooking. Consequently, it adds benefit to your health. So, I think steaming is a suitable option for you, especially if you’re conscious of your physique.

Easy-Peasy Cooking Method

There is no need to check the condition of food frequently when you apply the steaming process; yep, this is another reason why it’s perfect for every homeowner and hobbyist who wants to make some delicious dishes without burning the midnight oil!

Speaking of food preparation, all you have to do is put your meal inside the steamer (BPA-free) and wait till it’s completely prepared. That’s it!

Tasty Moisturizing Meal

Steaming does not overheat the liquids of any vegetables or meat, which means the liquids or fluids won’t get forced out from the meal even after reaching higher temperatures. Unlike the other methods, the remaining fluid of a steamed dish remains higher in the quantity that gives you the exact moisture you need.

Usually, the process can be done by soaking the food inside the juices to maintain the moisture.

Relatively Affordable and Simple Equipment

What’s the benefit of having the best equipment from the shop if you can’t afford it or use it with ease? But don’t worry about the price if you select the steaming method to cook.

Guess why? Because in comparison to the benefit you’re getting from steaming, the prices are pretty much reasonable, which you can afford to make some healthy and tasty dishes.

Plus, the equipment you’ll get for steaming is very basic that you can operate without taking anyone’s assistance, thankfully!

Disadvantages of Applying the Steaming Process

Alongside the advantages, there are a couple of drawbacks of using the steaming process. Let’s see:

The Food Doesn’t Look Good

No matter how healthy your food is, if it doesn’t look that appealing, some of us lose interest in having the food.

Actually, I’ve seen many people who complain about this method for its appearance. Though it depends on your choices, I think you’ll dislike it too if outlook really matters to you.

Kills Your Time

It’s true that you don’t really need to constantly check while cooking. But it’s necessary to wait for a longer period of time in order to make it completely ready; why? Because almost every steamer works at a snail’s pace! 

Actually, steaming doesn’t generate extreme heat for safety purposes, and that’s the reason why it takes more time than the other available methods.

Not Friendly with Every Food

Not every dish can be prepared with the steaming method. Usually, this is mostly used for poultry and fish, which can be made through low heat.

Meats like beef or pork require more heating temperature. So, these aren’t compatible with this particular cooking style.

Exposure of the Steam Heat Can Damage Your Skin

If you increase the temperature over 200°F, the steam might come out of the container, and that might cause serious damage to your skin. So, if you’re not careful enough, chances are you’ll get burned.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all the advantages and disadvantages of steaming, you can definitely switch from regular cooking methods to the steaming method for a better change in your food habits.

But if you don’t like the slow cooking process and you need to cook different types of foods at once, then the steaming method won’t suit you best. So, it’s all up to you!

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