Top YouTube Channels to Help You Learn How to Cook

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YouTube is an excellent resource for learning almost anything, but especially cooking techniques that you may not have been taught. It’s incredible how watching an expert make something the right way can improve your own cooking skills. The benefit of being able to cook things well is that you’ll find you’re less tempted to eat out when you can make it better at home.

Gordon Ramsay (

Gordon’s YouTube channel offers a lot of tutorials that you can go through to learn how to cook things right. For example, if you want to cook the perfect steak, you’ll want to look up his methods for this process. If you follow what he says, including the advice about the right pans to use, you’ll get it right and delight and surprise your entire family.

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Jenny Can Cook (

Even though she doesn’t seem to be updating these videos as she did before, there are only 81, and she’s been doing it for at least five years, her videos are excellently done and easy to follow. She does a good job giving the important information about the recipes to ensure success.

Jamie Oliver (

He’s not really about saving money, but his recipes have been modified to be healthier than some. The thing you can learn from him is how to cook things the right way so that your recipes turn out really great. He even has a meat-free series on his channel that you might want to take a look at.

Everyday Food with Sarah Carey (

This channel teaches you how to make a variety of meals and recipes. If you want to perfect your holiday cooking, this is the channel to look up dishes you want to prepare and find out the best way to make them.

Cooking with Plants (

This channel is all about eating vegan, but you can learn a lot even if you’re not vegan. When you learn about the various ways you can use plants in your meals, you’ll end up a lot more creative with your ingredients than if you didn’t even know about some of this stuff. For example, she makes delicious vegan cheese spread with cashews that cannot be missed.

How to Cook That with Ann Reardon (

If you want to learn to cook almost anything, you can search the fantastic video library that nearly 4 million subscribers love to watch. Learn how to fix mistakes and more by watching these videos.

These YouTube channels are inspiring and offer a variety of lessons for any home cook interested in upping their cooking game. You can, of course, also look for specific things you want to learn on YouTube to find out how to do it. There are videos for everything. Do you have a favorite YouTube cooking channel?

Top YouTube Channels to Help You Learn How to Cook

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