Rules of Cast Iron Skillet Care: What Should You Never Do

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The kitchen gears made with cast irons are of great use. But what should you never do to a cast-iron skillet?

A notable number of people use skillets to make their breakfast to occasional desserts. But this should not be the right practice. It helps to degrade the quality of the iron. So, you have to know what to cook in cast-iron.

The rules and regulations on what not to cook in cast iron are few. If you know the cast iron recipes, it would be better in the end. Besides, knowing how to clean cast iron skillet will provide a pleasant cooking experience. So, few of the facts are explained here for your cast iron skillet care.

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What to Cook in Cast Iron?

Well, most of the cast iron skillet users lack the idea. They cook almost all types of elements in the pan. But this is not good for the health of the skillet.


Various sticky foods cause damage to the skillet surface. Cleaning the leftovers will cast a detrimental impact on the skillets. Moreover, without scrubbers, it is not possible to clean appropriately.

Applying the scrubbers also have some harsh impacts. Scratch marks turn visible on the skillet surface if you use scrubbers for long.

The most impressive way is not to cook all the things on the skillet. Better, know the cast iron recipes to cook on it.

Remember, you must skip cooking fish on a skillet. Using aromatic spices also is prohibited. Surely you can get rid of the bad smells; you have to manage more time to rinse the skillet.

Avoiding acidic elements helps to sustain the seasoning. Keep it in mind too to give up the use of lemon or tomatoes on the skillet.

Skip Soap Washing

The other interesting thing is that you cannot use soap on the cast iron. The cleaning process is a bit different than the usual utensil cleaning.

Majority of the cases, we use cold water with soap. Or use liquid soap with water to clean the dishes. But here you will need some hot water.

The hot water helps to clean the external elements from the surface. Besides, it takes less time too for the cleaning.

You can also use some soapy water too for this purpose. But ensure the soapy water is not much in amount. 

How to Season Cast Iron?

This is another issue that needs attention. Seasoning makes the skillet nonstick. The process is more straightforward too. You have to bake some oil on the skillet.


Baking the oil for a couple of times will help to season it. Though many of the cast iron skillets come with default seasoning from the factory, it is better to do it again.

Moreover, some people get second-hand skillets. So, in that case, seasoning is a must for them.


Maintenance of cast iron is not a big deal. Usually, people do not dry the skillet once they wash it. As a result, the skillet starts losing its brightness.

Experts recommend wiping the skillet with a clean towel or a piece of a soft cloth. The towel will remove the water drops and keep it dry.

On the other part, skillet damages occur for improper storing. Remember, this is special than the other ordinary kitchen gadgets. Therefore, the users must store the skillet to a safer place.

Ensure, it does not come in contact with other iron or aluminum materials. You can also cover it with a paper towel for better protection (when not in use).

The Best Time for Cleaning

Interestingly, a few people know about the complete cleaning process. Okay, it needs a hot water cleaning. But how to clean cast iron skillet?

Well, you have to start it immediately after cooking. To have the best cleaning result, wash the skillet when it is hot.

Right after dismounting from the stove, place aside the cooked items. Now start cleaning the skillet as per the standard procedure.

Apply warm water and clean with a soft brush. Wipe the pan with a soft and clean towel. Store it on the shelf. Follow the process every day.   

How to Remove Stuck-on Foods

Actually, knowing what not to cook in cast iron will resolve the matter. But if you do not know cast iron recipes, it might be irritating. So, now how to clean cast iron skillet when foods stuck-on the pan?

The answer is here. First of all, you have to add some salt to the skillet. Now, use a soft brush to scrub. While scrubbing with salt, ensure there the brush must not leave any strong mark or spot on the pan surface.

Or, you can also use a paper towel to clean the foods. Keep rubbing for a few minutes. The skillet will look fresh like new.

Season the skillet with a thin oil layer. Please apply a tablespoon of oil and bake it in the skillet. This process helps to restore the former state of the skillet. 

What are Cast Iron Recipes?

You can cook almost everything if you have a good cast iron skillet. However, certain elements are not suitable for cast iron skillet. They get attached with the iron and make it unusable. Experts, thus, suggest skipping cooking such food items.

On the contrary, you can cook the items when you are an expert cook. Frying fish on a cast iron skillet is possible. During the process, you have to be careful about the sticking issue.

Applying sufficient oil will prevent the sticking problem. Similarly, you can also fry an egg. While frying, confirm that the egg is not attached with the skillet surface. In fact, it needs practice for cooking such delicate food items on a cast iron skillet.


Q: Can I use metal utensils on a cast iron skillet?

A: Yes, you can use metal utensils but to a limited extent. And also need to focus that the utensils do not create any unusual marks on the skillet surface.

Q: Do I need to season the skillet every day?

A: No, you do not need to season the cast iron skillet every day. You can do it once or twice a month. Experts also suggest seasoning the skillet after every use. And it depends on you as to how many times you will use the gadget.

Q: Can I store food on a skillet?

A: Well, you cannot store food on a cast iron skillet. This is a wrong idea. You can allow the foods to get chill for a time. Making it a regular practice will result in some negative experience. The foods might stick on the skillet surface.


Hope, this is clear now that what should you never do to a cast iron skillet. Despite being an active cooking gadget, it has some limits.

So, if you know how to season cast iron or what to cook in cast iron, your experience will be enjoyable. Strictly following rules about what not to cook in cast iron can help you prepare the right dishes.

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