How to Warm Up Pizza in Microwave – 3 Method to Follow

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Okay, no ewwws, please! We all eat day-old pizzas. When you have a party, and there’s enough leftover pizza, you just don’t throw it in the trash; that would be a total foolish thing. Instead, reheating it the next day and enjoying the tasty paste seems a perfectly delicious option.

But, yeah, we know! It gets hard and not-so-tasty, right? Well, that’s just one side of the story. Once you know how to warm up pizza in microwave, boom! You get another round of tasty pizza session!

So, here’s where most of us give up. Heating pizza in the microwave doesn’t quite seem promising. That’s because you have been doing it all wrong! So, stay tuned to find out the smart methods you can use to revive a leftover pizza like a phoenix bird!

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Pizza Warming Up Methods

Basically, you can apply 3 different techniques to reheat a leftover pizza from last night. The first and easiest way is to use a microwave.

Method 01: Using a Microwave

Step 1: Get a Microwave Safe Plate

The very first thing you do is get a microwave-safe plate. What the heck is that, huh? Well, these are some kind of plates that are made from ceramic or glass. These plates are perfectly safe inside a microwave and don’t meltdown.

Plus, there’s a little chance of these plates to get broken due to overheating inside. So, that’s what you are looking for. But make sure any of these plates don’t have aluminum or metal parts. No metal decoration should be allowed, too.

Metal can cause internal inflammation, and it can set the microwave in a fire. So, never use metal in the microwave.

In case you don’t find such a plate around you, you can always use paper plates. That should be a great choice, but you better double-check it doesn’t have any plastic parts. Plastic will meltdown inside and emit highly harmful chemicals that can contaminate the pizza.

That being said, no plastic plates should be used, as well. If you don’t have any idea on how to warm plates in microwave, consider learning it first.

Step 2: Place the Pizza

Now use a paper towel in the middle of the plate. Put the pizza on it. The paper will soak the excess moisture from the piece of pizza. But if you think that the pizza is quite dry, you may not need to use the towel.

You may consider cutting down the pizza into 3 to 4 pieces before you reheat it. Sliced pizzas will take a shorter time to get reheated inside. Make sure the pieces do not touch one another on the plate.

And by the way, if you want the crispy part of the crust to withstand, don’t use the paper towel.

Take 2 or 3 pizza-pieces at a time to warm up. Too much density will hinder the reheating process and will eventually leave you with the same old dead pizzas! So, it’s always a great idea to warm the pizza in a few batches for the best output.

Step 3: Put a Glass of Water in the Microwave

Now comes the trick. You need to find a ceramic glass that you can put inside the microwave. Fill the glass up by two-third of it and gently place it inside along with the pizza plate.

This will do magic. Here’s how. The evaporated water will enhance the crispness of the crust and revive the toppings. Make sure you can put the cup comfortably inside the microwave with the plate.

Use a ceramic cup instead of a glass one, as the glass can explode anytime if overheated. A ‘hell no’ for a plastic mug; we have already discussed why. Again, find a mug that has a safety handle to hold. If it gets too hot, a handle will be an easy help to hold on to it.

Step 4: The Heating Time

At this point, it’s basically a waiting time. But how long to reheat pizza in microwave? Well, you just give the microwave some time to heat up the pizza-pieces evenly. Take even intervals to heat up the pizza to make sure every single part of it is equally warmed up.

‘But won’t it make the already-hot parts hotter?’ – Legit question! But the part of the pizza that gets warmed up super fast is the soft topping. And you can find it quite enduring to eat super-hot topping! It’s not as mouth-burning as in the case of hot crust.

You can check if the pizza is getting hot enough by pressing your finger once in a while. But don’t overdo it.

A one-minute interval is perfect for heating up slowly, but if you are going to miss a flight, just reduce it to 30 seconds.

Method 2: Using an Oven

Apart from using a microwave, using an oven for warming up a pizza is a decent idea, too.

Step 1: Warming the Oven

You need to warm the oven up before you wanna heat up the pizza. Set the temperature to 350°F and wait for seven to ten minutes.

Step 2: Placing the Pizza

Place the pizza-pieces in the foil-lined sheet to get the crispy crust you love. You can put it on the oven rack as well for better results, but beware of the cheese fall!

Step 3: Wait till It Gets Done

Now, you need to wait for about three to six minutes for the pizza to get heated up. If the pizzas are in an oven pot, simply take it out with a dishtowel. Otherwise, if the pizzas are on the rack directly, you can use tongs for a careful lift.

Method 3: Using Skillet

If you are fed-up using oven and microwaves, turn back to the age-old skillet! Just warm the pan up on the heater and place the pizzas on it for about thirty seconds to one minute. Use a tong to take the slices out and have your crispy pizza revived!

Final Words

If you are a gadget freak, then it’s easy for you to find out how to warm up pizza in microwave. Otherwise, you can always resort to manual warming up in pans and skillets. Since using a microwave or oven proves to be smarter and faster choices, follow our described methods to relive the leftover pizzas with no difference!

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