Can I Use Metal Utensils with Le Creuset Cookware

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Le Creuset cookware has a wide range of cookware products in their line up. They come in many color options and material types. You will find cookware made of enameled cast iron, nonstick, etc. On these kinds of cookware by Le Creuset, you might be asking yourself: can I use metal utensils with Le Creuset cookware?

Well, the answer is yes, you can. It purely depends on what kind of metal utensils you want to use on this cookware. It also depends on the certain type of cookware you will be using the metal utensils on. We will now tell you about just that.


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Steps to Use Metal Utensils with Le Creuset Cookware

To safely use metal utensils with Le Creuset cookware, you will need to know a few things about the product line of the company before you know how to use them carefully. Below the proper steps to doing this is given:

1. Knowing about the Cookware Products Offered

Le Creuset was the first company that introduced cookware with different colors as options. Both the design and color range offered by the company pulled in many new customers. This was a big step up from their previous color theme, which only followed the grayscale theme.

There are many kinds of cookware that Le Creuset offers. There is the toughened nonstick cookware, the enameled cast iron cookware, stainless steel cookware, etc. Each type of cookware set has specifications on which utensils and tools are suited for use.

But for some cookware, there are no certain boundaries when it comes to using metal utensils.

Le Creuset also has products of certain metal utensils and tools. They make utensils of revolution stainless steel, bi-material, carbon steel, etc. If you wanted, you could use Le Creuset’s metal utensils on Le Creuset’s cookware.

2. Learning about the Compatibility Between rhe Stainless Steel Cookware with Metal Utensils

For the stainless steel cookware, Le Creuset recommends you to use tools and utensils made of silicone, wood, and heatproof plastic if you ever want to stir food during cooking or eating. They do allow the usage of metal utensils, but you need to be very careful so that you do not accidentally scratch or scrape the surface.

Among metal utensils, electric beaters of either handheld or battery-operated kinds are not to be used ever.

Manual whisking tools that you use with your own hand energy might be safe because the blades will not damage the surface since their speed will not be so high. Make sure not to knock the metal utensils on the rim of the pots and pans.

3. Educating Yourself about the Compatibility Between Enameled Cast Iron Cookware with Metal Utensils

For the enameled cast iron cookware, Le Creuset also recommends you to use tools and utensils made of silicone, wood, and heatproof plastic when you want to stir food during cooking or eating.

You can still use metal tools and utensils like metal spoons, balloon whisking tools, etc., on the cookware. Electric beaters are not allowed since the blades will scratch or scrape out the enamel.

All you have to do is to be careful, of course, to avoid scratching or scraping the enamel or ceramic coating on the surface. Here you also cannot knock the metal utensils on the rim of the cookware. You also need to avoid using knives or sharp metal tools or utensils of any kind on this cookware.

4. Learning about the Compatibility Between Toughened Non-Stick Cookware with Metal Utensils

On toughened nonstick cookware, only wooden and heatproof plastic tools and utensils are recommended. Metal spoons and balloon whisking tools are also allowed. As long as you avoid using sharp knife-like objects and electric beaters of any kind on the nonstick pots and pans, then you can easily use metal utensils.

You just need to avoid scratching off the nonstick qualities of the cookware. One thing to remember- you should avoid tapping or knocking the metal utensils and tools at the rim of the pots and pans in the nonstick cookware category if you want to avoid chipping anything.

 For stirring comfort and surface protection, Le Creuset silicone tools are recommended. Wooden or heat-resistant plastic tools may also be used. Metal tools, spoons, or balloon whisks may be used, but require special care – they should not be scraped over the enamel surface. Do not knock these on the rim of the pan.Hand-held electric or battery-operated beaters should not be used. Their blades will damage the enamel. Knives or utensils with sharp edges should not be used to cut foods inside a pan.

Final words

All of Le Creuset’s cookware items are of high quality and will not damage easily. As long as you keep them clean and well maintained, you should be fine. Le Creuset’s cookware products are very versatile when it comes to which utensils and tools you must use on them.

“Can I use metal utensils with Le Creuset cookware” is a question that is simply answered above through the compatibilities of the different cookware with metal utensils.

It would still be wiser to avoid using metal utensils on such delicate cookware to avoid chipping and scraping. But it is not entirely impossible or harmful for the cookware, especially if you are careful and take care of the items.

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