What to Do with Frozen Fruit Besides Smoothies

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Like me, most people use to make smoothies out of the leftover frozen fruits in the refrigerator. You no longer have to have the same boring smoothies again and again because I’m about to tell you what else you can make these fruits.

Similar to fresh fruits, frozen ones are also incredibly nutritious. You can try endless recipes and use them as versatile key ingredients to make your savory dishes more delicious.

Hold on to your cravings, because this article is going to inform you about some recipe that you will surely appreciate, and get warm appreciation from your family members and guests.

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12 Best Frozen Fruits Tweaks

From delicious evening snacks, add-ons, side dishes, salad, cold drinks, and many more can be made out using frozen fruits. If you are bored making smoothies all the time, it’s time you try something new.

1. Cake

Fond of cakes? Try a bit differently than you normally do while baking a cake. Using frozen fruits to bake up delicious and great tasting cakes is one of the exciting ways that you can attempt. It will twist the recipe and also taste different in a good way.

You can try both sponge and thick pudding-style cakes with tossed fruits. Simple recipes such as coffeecake taste so good when you use frozen fruit to add different flavors and tastes.

Regardless of the season, you can enjoy fruit cakes any season year-round. In winter, make mouth-melting strawberry rhubarb crumb cake using a frozen strawberry. When it’s summer, you can cake blueberry bundt cake using blueberries that you stock in the refrigerator.

If your kids love pancakes, add some frozen berries along with a small number of crushed nuts, the cake will have some pleasant texture and crunchy feeling apart from the warm cooked berries.

You can also make great looking cranberry upside-down cake when you feel like baking a colorful cake without doing much hassle.

2. Muffins

Similar to cakes, making muffins using frozen fruits will add great flavor to your desserts. Try using blueberries, bananas, strawberries, etc. to add different flavor other than typical vanilla or chocolate. You need to stir once or more fruits in the batter, and the rest of the procedures will be the same.

Keep on experimenting with frozen tropical fruits; and who knows you might find your best muffin flavor among these.

3. Crisps and Cobblers

Frozen fruits can also add great taste to crisps and cobblers. All you need is to plop a bag of frozen fruits on the baking pan, add some sugar to it, some thickener or spice, and make topping using biscuit dough or crumble.

As simple as that. Then, bake until you see it bubbling and turning a brown color. Your dessert is ready to serve.

You can use berries as a substitute ingredient. If you like apple crisp and pear cobbler, do the same in these cases as well. Whether it’s spring or autumn, you will find the dessert tastes delicious and buy some warm appreciation from your guests as well.

4. Quick Salad or Dessert

As a side dish, frozen fruits can be an ideal choice to make your last-minute fruit salad or dessert. You can use whatever fruits you like. The combination of various fruits will make your last-minute meal taste superb.

5. Mix up a Vinaigrette

No need to dress the salad in the common ways that you usually do! Try adding frozen raspberries or lemons to your salad dressing. A small number of fruits can add great sweetness and pleasing flavor while increasing the viscosity.

6. Top Your Cereal

You might have seen cereals having a colorful top made out of fruits. Apart from fresh fruits, you can also use frozen ones to provide your body some chilling feel during summer breakfast. You might want to have more than you usually eat before leaving the house in the morning.

7. Fruit Soup

Great tasting recipes like a cold honeydew-lime soup can be made with frozen fruits. Turn these frozen nutrition-bombs into the hot and warm nutrient-dense soup. If regular tasting soup is something that doesn’t make much appeal to you anymore, this can be a great way to bring back the soup appetite again.

8. Ice Cream

It’s very possible to make delicious and healthy ice cream with the frozen fruits you have in the refrigerator. Fruits such as banana, strawberry, etc. that are naturally sweet are great for making ice cream. Mostly you don’t need to add any sugar if you aren’t someone who prefers too much sugar in homemade ice cream.

The texture will be much similar to the real homemade ones, and the differences will be hard to notice.

All you would need to combine the ingredients, make a good mixture, and freeze for at least 6 hours. You can also add quick-cooked syrup if you prefer.

9. Sorbet

Frozen fruits are an ideal fit for sweet desserts. Like ice cream, you can make sorbet out of the stored fruits. Get creative and experimental while making sorbet by combining different fruits. Try pear sorbet, melon sorbet, kiwi sorbet, and anything of your favorite fruits. This will surely brighten a dull day.

10. Pies and Tarts

You don’t need to wait till it’s summer to enjoy great pie and tart recipes. Before the summer ends, consider freezing your favorite fruits for pies and bring them out in winter to have these delicious meals.

Whether you like chocolate raspberry tart, peach, or blueberry pie, you can have whatever you like following this trick.

11. Sauces and Syrups

Cooked or uncooked versions of sauces and syrups can easily be made using frozen fruits. You can cook the fruit adding some sugar or try it uncooked. Try strawberry sauce if you don’t want to take the hassle of cooking.

12. Freezer Fudge

All dessert items aren’t considered as unhealthy as this one. Preparing strawberry coconut freezer fudge sounds quite a healthy option to have after a meal.

Consider adding 2 cups of strawberries (of course the frozen ones), ⅓ cup of coconut oil, ½ cup of almond butter, and 2 tbsp. of maple syrup into a food processor or frozen fruit smoothie blender, and smoothen them.

Then, spread this mixture into a pan, and sprinkle shredded coconut, freeze it overnight, and enjoy the dessert from the morning till you finish it all.

Final Words

The next time when any of your family members sees a handful of fruits in the freezer and asks you, what to do with frozen fruit besides smoothies, you can satisfy his/her cravings using those frozen items. You might need to freeze more fruits since then.

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