How to Reheat Frozen Pizza in Toaster Oven? Step by Step

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Reheating frozen pizza in a toaster oven may sound a bit tricky. To be honest, if you can’t do it in the right way, chances are you’ll end up ruining the food. But guess what? Toaster ovens can reheat frozen pizza in such a way that you’ll feel like you’ve just bought it.

Want to know how to reheat frozen pizza in toaster oven perfectly? Don’t worry; it’s not rocket science. Just a few steps and Voila! Your pizza will be ready. So, why wait? Let’s learn something new today.


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Why Is a Toaster Oven a Better Choice?

When you’re living all by yourself and don’t have much to do, then getting an entire pizza might not be what you plan to eat alone. But come on!

That doesn’t mean you can’t ask for a slice, and the best option we think for heating up that frozen pizza slice of yours is a toaster oven.

If you’ve got the chance to get the best toaster oven we say go for it. That’s because grabbing a low-end one might make you wait for a long time and without even heating it up properly for you. Now the question is — why would you use a toaster oven when you’ve got both microwave and stovetop in the house?

Well, here’s your answer –

Perfect Reheating

You don’t want to get the ‘undercooked’ kind of feeling from your next bite, do you? If you don’t then use a toaster oven can pretty much ease that up for you. As you can reheat the pizza at the perfect temperature and it has a lower chance of getting burned, a toaster is an ideal choice in every way.

Less Time Consuming

Wait a minute! We know what you’re thinking. Wouldn’t it be faster in a microwave too? Well, you’re right and wrong at the same time. If you’ve ever tried heating a pizza in a microwave, then you already know it can burn your pizza pretty quickly. Plus, there are other drawbacks that you’ll know about soon.

With a toaster oven, you won’t have to waste too much time if you want a perfectly hot piece in your mouth.

Energy Saver

You can easily count the toaster oven as your personal energy saver when it comes to heating up pizza. Unlike those huge ovens, they don’t eat up a lot of energy. Plus, they ain’t anything tough to use as well. Even your kid can use that easily in the first place.

Problems with Other Heating Options

If you’ll start searching on the internet, we bet you’re going to see tons of options or ways to get your pizza reheated. The major three you’ll see among them are toaster oven, stovetop, and microwave.

You might be thinking why we’ve chosen the toaster oven rather than the next two, right? Well, the reason is they both got their share of drawbacks when it comes to reheating frozen pizza. Let us tell you in a bit more detail about that.

Drawback of Stovetop

When you’re more familiar with cooking or baking anything on a stovetop, it’s quite obvious that you’ll pick it for heating the pizza too. But the problem is no matter whatever you use, it’ll take a ton of time, and we don’t think your hunger or craving is going to wait that long.

Another problem you might face while using pans or skillets for heating up your pizza is having the risk of getting burned. No, we’re not talking about the pizza this time but your hand. Unlike the other options, you’ll have to do it all manually; there’s a chance of you burning your hands without the proper cautiousness.

Drawbacks of Microwave

If you’re a fan of soggy pizza, then we say go with the microwave for heating it up. But that’s not the only problem here. Using a microwave for this purpose has a chance of getting rock-hard crust, and we don’t think you’ve got steel teeth to chew that off.

One more thing that makes it a less appealing option for reheating the pizza: the level of energy it consumes. Why would you go for something that’ll put a bigger bite on your electricity bill just to warm up a pizza?

How to Reheat Frozen Pizza in a Toaster Oven: Step by Step

With the pandemic hitting all over the globe, the appeal of frozen food has literally gone up. After all, who wants to take the chance of getting infected for no reason. So, it’s better to bring in frozen food, reheat it so that the virus can die under extreme temperature and you can enjoy the food to the fullest.

As pizza is one of the most favorite foods of people of all ages, both the demand and appeal of frozen pizza have increased. But not knowing how to reheat one will lead you to nowhere but a pile of burned pizzas.

Trust us! It’s nothing hard, and investing a few minutes will be more than enough to get you your delicious pizza. All you need to do is follow some simple instructions.

Step – 1: Remove the Packaging

You’re not planning to put it in there with wrapping all over, are you? Then, first of all, get rid of the packaging. If you’re seeing any cardboard, make sure that you’ve removed it, unless you want it to catch fire.

Moreover, the packaging may contain harmful chemicals that you definitely won’t like to have in your pizza. But don’t throw the cardboard away, as when you’re done with the heating, you might need it to hold the hot pizza.

Step – 2: Preheating the Oven

It’s time to preheat the oven; make sure that you’re doing that to a temperature of 350°F. As the preheated oven accelerates the cooking speed, don’t even think about skipping that part.

Step – 3: Start Baking

Now, put the pizza on a foil paper piece and slip the slice into the toaster oven. Keep it there for 3-4 minutes and check out if the cheese is getting melted or not. Once you see that, you’re free to remove it.  

Step – 4: Removal

All you have to do now is take a spatula to remove it from your toaster oven. But be careful with it as you don’t want that hot pizza to touch your hand. After cooling for 5 minutes, you can have your first bite.

Final Words

Now that you know how to reheat frozen pizza in toaster oven, we think you won’t find it tough to get the job done. Once you reheat the pizza perfectly, you’ll know that the toaster oven is the only thing that can make this delicious food warm like new.

Obviously, getting the best toaster oven is a must; the low-end ones will always ruin everything.

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