Best Plates for Microwave in 2022 [Buying Guide]

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Whether you’re ordering in or cooking at home, we all have to deal with leftovers. The problem arises when you have to reheat these fridge-cold leftovers, and you can’t find a microwave safe container or a plate.

You can’t just put any plate into your microwave. Putting in containers that are not microwave safe can cause your microwave to stop working, malfunction, or in severe scenarios, burst! This is quite dangerous and puts your entire family at risk.

So, today we are going to help you find the best plates for microwave so that you can enjoy a warm meal without having to worry about your house blowing up or the plate melting in your oven.

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Best Overall

amHomel 12-Piece White Porcelain Dinner Plate Set

amhomel 12-Piece

These plates are made of premium porcelain and are safe to use in the microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher. They are also non-toxic and lead-free. Plus, they are easy to handle and clean.

Best Colorful Design

Premium Ceramic Set of 6, Colorful Meal Stoneware (Dinner Plates)

Colorful Meal Stoneware

A variety of bright colors and a simple design allow you to mix and match with any theme. With its stoneware ceramic composition making it both durable and practical, this is the perfect plates for someone who loves to cook.

Best Price

Shopwithgreen Lightweight Unbreakable Wheat Straw Plates - Extra Large-4 Pack 8.8''

shopwithgreen Straw Plates

These plates are made from natural wheat straw, making them lightweight and unbreakable – perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe, so you can easily keep them clean.


The Best Microwave Safe Plates

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to microwave-safe plates. A lot of companies make them in different colors and materials. How will you know which ones are the best plates for the microwave?

To help you make this decision, we have narrowed down a list of the best options so that you can have the best microwave plates at home.

1. amHomel 12-Piece White Porcelain Dinner Plate Set – Best Overall

This 12-piece dinner set from amHomel is crowned the ‘editor’s pick’. Keep reading to know what makes them so great!

amHomel 12-Piece White Porcelain Dinner Plate Set

In this set, you will get 12 plates in a white, basic, and classy design. You can choose the size of the plates you want from three options – 6 inches, 8.75 inches, or 10.5 inches. Though they look like average white plates, their build speaks for their quality.

The rounded edges of these plates are reinforced and smooth. They are comfortable to touch, hold, and handle. Since they are reinforced, there is less chance of accidental chips or breaks on the edges. This is reassuring as the edges of plates are their most vulnerable areas.

Also, the material used to make these plates is of premium quality non-toxic porcelain. There is no trace of lead or any other harmful toxic materials in these plates, so you can use them safely. The premium material also provides reliable durability & strength, so your set will last for quite a long time.

These are very convenient too, as they can be used in the freezer, dishwasher, oven, and of course, microwave!


  • Non-toxic lead-free premium porcelain construction provides strength & reliability
  • Microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and oven safe
  • Reinforced smooth edges for comfortable handling
  • Very convenient and easy to use and clean


  • Might be smaller than you’d expect

2. Premium Ceramic Set of 6, Colorful Meal Stoneware (Dinner Plates) – Best Lightweight Colorful Design

When choosing a microwave-safe plate, you should always check out the sizes of the plates. This set of 6 contains plates that have an 11-inch diameter. And this is a standard size for dinner plates and will allow you to heat a large amount of food at once.

Premium Ceramic Set of 6, Colorful Meal Stoneware (Dinner Plates)

Getting larger plates like these is better than getting smaller ones that make you heat your food in batches, spiking up your electricity bill.

Made with sturdy ceramic, these plates come in all different colors for you to choose from. The material also has an extra-shine effect that makes it look like the plates cost a thousand bucks! You can serve food to your guests straight from the microwave with plates that are so fun and beautiful.

These are also quite well known to be the best microwave plates that don’t get hot. Now you don’t have to worry about burning your hands when taking out the plate from your microwave!


  • Fun, colorful options to choose from
  • Do not get hot in the oven
  • Decent sized dinner plates
  • Sturdy ceramic material
  • Extra glazed coating for a shiny finish


  • Chips very easily

3. Shopwithgreen Lightweight Unbreakable Wheat Straw Plates – Best Price

The best microwave dishes are made of sturdy material, be it ceramic or plastic. This model, made with wheat straw plastic material, is one of the most durable plates you’ll find in the market. Each of the plates will last for years with minimum maintenance needed. 

Shopwithgreen Lightweight Unbreakable Wheat Straw Plates - Extra Large-4 Pack 8.8''

Made with food-grade plastic, these plates are great for kids and your entire family. The material is odorless and does not stain.

You can eat straight from these plates as they don’t get hot in the oven and also come in adorable colors and designs. Cleaning up after you’re done is no hassle at all thanks to the plates being dishwasher-safe.

Each of the plates measures 8.8-inches in diameter and weighs only 3.7 ounces. Large quantities of food will fit into this plate. The plates are also great for kids as they weigh so less.


  • The plate does not heat up in the oven
  • Comes in fun colors
  • Safe for kids
  • Made with sturdy food-grade wheat straw plastic
  • Odor-less
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Can be stacked easily for storage
  • Large-sized


  • Gets scratches from knives and forks pretty easily

4. Delling Porcelain Plates, 10in Dinner Plates – Best White Porcelain Dinnerware Set

Porcelain plates can be a great addition to your kitchen. They look great and are known to be sturdy as well. These plates come in a very simple design. They are plain white but add a lot of classiness to your kitchenware. The rounded design makes the plates unique, and they are also great for toddlers.

Plates like these are easy to work with as they are comfortable to hold and have no sharp edges. So you can comfortably hand-wash these if required.

Made with high-quality porcelain, these plates are slip-proof. As the material is natural, the plates are safe for kids, odor-free, and don’t stain as well. A combination of bovine bone and slip-proof build makes this the ideal plates for regular use. No chances of getting chips or scratches even if used every day. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Does not get scratches and does not chip easily
  • Looks great on the table
  • Does not crack even in high temperature
  • Unique rounded edge design
  • Made of natural elements
  • Odor-free does not stain
  • Slip-proof
  • Will last a long time


  • No design/color options

5. Greenandlife 10inch/5pcs Dishwasher & Microwave Safe Wheat Straw Plates – Best for Space Saving

Plates that are designed to be space-saving are a treat to have. These plates are lightweight and can be stacked on top of each other to help you save space. Round edges make these plates comfortable to hold and great for kids.

Greenandlife 10inch/5pcs Dishwasher & Microwave Safe Wheat Straw Plates

Cut resistance construction combined with the natural wheat straw material makes this plate almost unbreakable. No worries about cracks or chips with this product. With very low maintenance, you will be able to use these plates for years to come.

Even high heat can’t put a scratch on these things. That is why we think this is the best dinnerware for microwaves. Made with materials such as wheat straw, food-safe PP, and starch, this is the best plates to have if you have kids in the house.

For cleaning, you can just throw these into the dishwasher. No chances of getting any stains or odor from these even after years of use.


  • Helps you save space
  • Easily stackable
  • Will not break or chip
  • No staining or odor
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Great for kids
  • Good for everyday use
  • Made with natural materials such as food grade PP and wheat straw


  • Gets a bit hot in the microwave

The Best Microwave Glass Plate (Tray)

6. General Electric Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 13 1/2 ” WB39X10032 – Best Microwave Glass Tray

Having turntables in your microwave ensures that the food you are heating gets thoroughly and evenly warmed. This way, you will be able to avoid those terrible cold spots in your food.

General Electric Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 13 1/2 " WB39X10032

And this model is designed to fit perfectly with General Electric microwaves. The plates fit almost all of the models from this brand, but just to be sure you can enter your microwave’s model number to the product website so that you don’t end up with a plate that does not fit.

At a size of approximately 13-1/2-inches, this plate can accommodate most of your plates and bowls. You have plenty of space to work with, and so you can warm up all of your food collectively.

The plate weighs 6.1 ounces so you can easily take the product out for cleaning. Some warm soapy water and a cleaning sponge is enough to get this thing looking like its brand new again. Setting up and detaching the plate from a microwave is also quite easy.


  • Gives you evenly heated food
  • Easy to set up and detach
  • Decently sized to fit large-sized plates
  • Weighs only 6.1 ounces
  • Easy to clean


  • Might crack in some places

7. Frigidaire 5304472062 Glass Tray Microwave – Best for Heat Food

This tray was designed for Frigidaire, and it fits most of the microwaves from the brand. There are three dots on the center of this tray that needs to be aligned with the base of your microwave to set this thing in. Detaching this product from the oven is also quite easy.

Frigidaire 5304472062 Glass Tray Microwave

Unfortunately, you cannot put this tray in the dishwasher. But as the product is lightweight, you can easily pick the tray up and wash it by hand. The tray does not stain and will clean easily with some water and dish soap.

Made with high-quality glass, this tray will last you ages. Even in high temperatures, this tray won’t crack or break apart. You can use this tray for a long time without getting any odor.

Most of your plates and dishes, even large ones, will fit easily on top of this glass tray. The tray rotates your food so that the heat is distributed evenly. Rotating the food in the microwave also helps warm up your food quicker.


  • Large size
  • Made with sturdy glass
  • Durable
  • No odor
  • No staining
  • Helps heat food quicker
  • Great for use in high temperature


  • Might chip

8. Samsung Microwave Glass Cooking Tray

If you’re having trouble finding a good quality glass microwave cooking tray, you might want to take a look at this one.

Samsung Microwave Glass Cooking Tray

The glass tray from Samsung comes in a standard 14-inch size, which fits most moderate-sized microwaves. Thanks to the glass tray being compatible with so many brands and models of microwaves, you won’t have to deal with a misfit tray for your oven.

This version is made with thick and high-quality glass. Thicker glass ensures that the tray does not chip or crack on impact. So you may expect this tray to stick around for quite some time. 

Although the glass is thick, the tray is lightweight. So you can easily detach the tray without having to worry about the product falling off and breaking into pieces.

For cleaning, you can use some water, cleaning liquid, and a gentle sponge to get all the spills and dirt out. Putting trays like these in the dishwasher isn’t a good idea.


  • Thick but lightweight glass
  • Does not pick up any odor
  • No staining
  • Easy cleaning
  • The standard size that fits a lot of microwaves
  • No chipping, cracking or breaking


  • Not the cheapest option

9. GENUINE Frigidaire Microwave Glass Turntable Plate

This Frigidaire glass plate only fits a few of the models from the brand, so make sure to check online if the tray will fit your microwave. With a decent size of 13-1/2-inches, this tray can hold plates of all sizes. So you can heat a lot of food at once when you have this thing set up.

GENUINE Frigidaire Microwave Glass Turntable Plate

Like most other high-quality glass turntable trays, this one is also made with good quality glass that ensures no cracks or scratches. Even in extremely high heat, you won’t find a single crack on this one.

Out of all the glass trays that we have recommended, this one is the easiest to install. There is not much to do besides just aligning the tray with your microwave. The tray rotates your food at the perfect speed, this ensures that the food gets heated evenly and as quickly as possible.


  • Easy to install
  • Steady speed of rotation gives you evenly heated food
  • No cracks, scratches or stains
  • Good size of 13-1/2-inches


  • Fits into a limited amount of microwaves

What to Look for Before Buying Plates for Microwave

There are some things that you need to keep in mind if you want to buy the best microwave-safe plates. Keeping an eye on these features will make your experience better and ensure that you don’t have any regrets about your purchase.


This is the most important factor to look out for. You can’t put all kinds of material inside a microwave. Ceramic is known to work best with ovens like these. Although you can get microwave safe plastic dishes in the market, ceramic is just a safer option to go for.

If you don’t want to buy ceramic plate, there are glass options available as well.


Try and get a plate that comes in a decent size. If you get a plate that is too small, you’ll have to heat your food in batches as all of it won’t fit on the plate. This will increase your electricity bill drastically and will also waste your time. Therefore, try and get plates that match the proportions you are accustomed to.


Getting plates that are presentable and look good will save you a lot of extra work. If the plates that you buy are not suitable to serve in front of guests, you’ll have to shift all your food from the microwave-safe plate to another.

This means there are more dishes to wash. Get rid of this problem by buying plates that are sleek and classy, and you’ll be able to serve the food directly from your microwave oven. 

What Type of Plates Can Go in the Microwave?

Since you have been reading this article, you definitely know that not all types of plates are microwave safe. And if you are an avid microwave user, then it is very important that you know the types that can go into the microwave and not burn, melt, or crack.

Glass and Ceramicware

The most obvious plates that can go in the microwave are glass and ceramicware. But, not all of them are safe for microwave, per se. You should always check for the ‘microwave safe’ or ‘oven safe’ or ‘heatproof’ tag on plates before using them. These tags are usually present on the bottom of the plates.

China and Other Earth Ware

Another type of product that can go inside a microwave is china and other earth ware. Not only that, plates made of clay and pottery are also microwave safe. Who said you can’t flaunt unique beautiful plates when cooking in the microwave? You certainly can!


A lesser-known plate material that is also microwave-safe is a melamine dinnerware plate, but please check before use. They are great options for students, because they are not vulnerable to breaking like glass or china, while also being microwave-safe. So, if you are a college student, you should pick some of these up when you can.

Silicone Baking Plates

Last but not the least, if you happen to have a silicone baking dish, then you can use them in the microwave, too.

A tip would be to always check from the manufacturer if a certain product is microwave-safe. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

What Kind of Plate Do Not Get Hot in the Microwave?

So, you already know what plates you can use in microwave ovens. Another thing that is very important is to know which plates do not belong anywhere near the microwave. Some materials are big no-no’s when it comes to microwave use. So, what are they? Keep reading to find out!


The first and foremost thing you should know is hard metals, no matter the type, should never, ever go inside microwaves. Hard metals include steel, copper, iron, aluminum, etc. Softer metals, such as gold, pewter, or silver, are also best kept off of microwaves. You do not want to damage those precious metals, do you?

Want to know why metal is so dangerous for microwaves? Well, metal plates do not let the microwaves pass through them; they rather reflect the waves off. These reflected microwaves increase the heat inside the appliance, potentially damaging it or causing fires.

Plates with Metal Designs

Since we are talking about metals, be wary of plates with fancy metal designs and trimmings. Often times glass or ceramic plates come with gold or silver metal trims on them. Plates such as these should not be used in the microwave. The designs can spark up and burn off.

Plastic and Uncertified Melamine

Any type of plastic or melamine dinnerware plates that are not specified as microwave-safe from the makers should also never be used in a microwave. They can potentially melt and create a ruckus.

One-time plates made of plastic foams are another type that should not be used in the microwave.

How to Warm Plates in Microwave

Serving food on hot plates is a brilliant idea, as it keeps the food hot for longer and simultaneously prevents the plate from making the food cold. Heating up plates is a trick many restaurants use for their customers. If you want to seriously impress your dinner guests, then try this nifty trick out!

Generally, the oven is a better and safer choice to warm plates up. But if you do not own one, then your trusty microwave will also do the job quite well. Just follow the instructions and tips to a T, and you will be safe.

Step 1: Stack a few plates in the microwave, making sure to leave some space open on top.

Step 2: Fill a glass or bowl with water. Then, place it on top of the stacked plates inside your microwave.

Step 3: Now, turn the microwave on for 2 minutes at its maximum power. After the time’s up, the plates should be sufficiently hot. If they are not, put them back in for a few seconds at a time.

Alternative step 3: If your microwave oven is a combination oven, then you can also use the convection grill to warm your plates up. This process will take slightly longer, around 5-6 minutes, but it is a safer option.

Do not skip the glass or bowl with water. It is used so that most of the energy is absorbed by the water, therefore not damaging the plates and the microwave.

Final Words

Microwave safe plates are a must in all households. They are safer and make your life a lot easier. The best plates for microwave will never crack or get hot. So get your hands on one of these plates and enjoy hot food straight out of the oven!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ironstone dinnerware be used in the microwave?

There is no certain answer for that. You need to check them before you can be sure of microwave usability. There are various ways to test this. You can follow anyone according to your preference.

Do glass plates get hot in the microwave?

Usually, they don’t get hot because of the microwave. Because microwaves can easily pass through the glass, but sometimes they can get hot because of the food item being cooked inside.

Do porcelain plates get hot in the microwave?

Porcelain plates don’t usually get hot in the microwave. But, before you can use them, you need to see if there is any design as a microwave can take a toll on it. This is why it’s always safer and better to check microwave compatibility before putting them in the microwave.

Is it dangerous to open the microwave door while it still microwaving?

No. It won’t harm you in any way; as soon as you open the door, the magnetron gets automatically shut off. But, it can cause damage to the machine.

What happens when a plate is not microwave-safe?

It can ruin your plate. If it’s not microwave safe, putting it in the microwave can melt it down, and in case if you touch it without gloves, you can get yourself injured.

Why are melamine plates not microwave safe?

Melamine plates aren’t microwave safe as they can leak chemicals into the food. These are pretty fire-resistant. But they don’t do well in high temperatures. Like more than 160° F, high temperature can cause it to leak chemicals or get it melted down.

Are Luminarc plates microwave safe?

Luminarc plates are made with tempered glass. Because of this tempered glass, they are very much likely to withstand any thermal or mechanical shock. This is why they are perfectly microwave safe.

How long can you put a paper plate in the microwave?

You should not microwave on a paper plate for more than 3 minutes. Until three minutes, you shouldn’t be concerned about anything. But, with anything further than that, you should be very cautious.

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