5 Best Cast Iron Handle Cover Reviews (Buying Guide)

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Cast iron skillets are one of the best kinds of pans to have at home. From grilling fish to searing a steak, everything can be done on an iron skillet. The reason why this is such a great accessory is that it can retain and emit high heat.

This heat helps give you perfectly cooked meals every time. As the pan gets hot, so does the handle. This is where people struggle the most. To stay safe, you need the best cast iron handle cover.

Cover handles like these are made especially for cast iron pan. If you want to save your fingers from getting severely burnt, this accessory is a must-have.

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The Best Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover

Choosing the right cast iron handle cover out of the many available options can be quite tough. That is why we have made a list of the best handle covers that not only perform well but are also affordable.

1. Premium Cast Iron Handle Cover, Heat Protecting Silicone Hot Handle Holder, Silicone Handle Cover for Cast Iron Pan

Silicone handles are now the most popular option to go for while shopping for cast iron handle covers. They are affordable and also very easy to clean.

Silicone Pot Handle Cover for Cast Iron Skillets

This model is capable of protecting your hands from up to 475 degrees F of heat. So you can just slip this cover on to the handle of your cast iron skillet and lay back in peace. No worries about burning your fingers when you’re working with this thing.

Another great thing about using silicone covers is that they are anti-slip. So these covers give you more protection and are safer. There are no chances of his one slipping off.

And this material is also 100% eco-friendly and easy to hold. The texture of silicone gives you a better grip, and therefore, you have more control over your skillet.

  • Good
  • Gives you great grip and more control
  • 100% eco-friendly material
  • Can be left inside an oven
  • Heat capacity of 476 degrees F
  • Easy to clean
  • Dries off quick
  • Can be used with different kinds of cookware with long handles
  • Bad
  • Cannot be used if you’re working with an open flame

2. Lodge ALHHSS85 Nokona Leather Hot Handle Holder

Leather handle covers have been around for ages and can provide great protection from heat. This one from Lodge is capable of protecting your hands from 600 degrees F of heat. Leather covers are more hardcore and safer than cloth or silicone.

Lodge ALHHSS85 Nokona Leather Hot Handle Holder

Made with high-quality grain-leather, this one will not degrade, wear, or tear any time soon. You can easily use these for years comfortably. Leather is a comfortable material to hold and work with but might not give you the best grip.

Handcrafted covers like this one give you a luxurious feel that no silicon or cloth candle can replace. A spiral stitched design adds to the look and makes the cover look for classy. Although the covers are a bit more expensive, they are worth their price.

And leather handle covers are great gifts that you can give to anyone passionate about cooking.

  • Good
  • Great gift for anyone
  • Protects you from 600 degrees F of heat
  • Spiral stitched design
  • Handcrafted
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Luxurious
  • Bad
  • Not easy to wash and dry
  • Might slip off and not the best for grip
  • Not the most affordable option

3. Lodge ASHH31MPK Silicone Hot Handle Holder

This silicone handle holder is designed to fit snugly onto a Lodge cast iron skillet, but if you have a similar sized handle on a cast iron skillet, you’ll be able to get the cover on easily. As silicone is quite a flexible material, you can stretch it to fit different kinds of handles that are 9-inches in diameter and up.

Silicone Pot Handle Cover for Cast Iron Skillets

Be careful not to stretch too much as that might cause tears. To use this thing, all you have to do is slide the cover over the handle, and you’re good to go. Now you can remove and shift pots and pans easily no matter how hot. This cover can protect you from up to 450 degrees F.

You get a good grip on the handle, thanks to the anti-slip technology. As the covers are flexible, you can fold them into any shape to squeeze them in for storage.

  • Good
  • Safe to put in the dishwasher
  • Fun colors to choose from
  • Fits any handle that is 9-inches in diameter and up
  • Easy to put on handles
  • Can handle up to 450 degrees F
  • Affordable
  • Bad
  • Not great for smaller pans and skillets

4. Leather Cast Iron Skillet Pan Handle Cover 

Leather panhandle covers are capable of giving you much more protection than cloth or silicon ones. They can protect you from at least 475 to 600 degrees F, so you can rest assured that you’re well protected when you have one of these handle covers on.

Leather Cast Iron Skillet Pan Handle Cover

The easy-to-slip covers make your life easier. No adjustment needs to be made, you can just slide your skillet handle in, and that’s it. Made with a 4-oz oil-tanned leather, this thing will last you ages. Leather does not wear or tear easily, so you won’t have to replace this for a long time.

Oil coated material makes the cover very comfortable and smooth to hold, but that also means that you don’t get too much grip. Keep in mind that this is not an anti-slip material, so you might want to work slow when using this cover.

  • Good
  • Fits different kinds of pots and pans
  • Made with oil-coated tanned-leather
  • Durable
  • Keeps you safe from heat
  • Beautiful design
  • Does not tear
  • Easy to slide on and off
  • Bad
  • Cannot be left in the oven

5. Hide & Drink, Leather Hot Handle, Panhandle Potholder

Looking for a leather iron cast skillet cover in a budget? We’ve got you covered. This cover from Hide and Drink is the best affordable leather cover you’ll find in the market. Not only is this cover handmade but also includes a soft sheepskin lining that makes removal and insertion easy.

Hide & Drink, Leather Hot Handle, Panhandle Potholder

Double leather construction gives you protection from up to 450 degrees F heat. These will surely keep your hands and fingers safe when moving a burning hot skillet.

Any decent-sized skillet is compatible with this cover. You can adjust the material to fit your handle without the fear of any tear. But just to be sure, you could check out their dimensions on their website.

Not only is this the perfect gift for a friend, but it is a great addition to your kitchen as well. Add a rustic and homely touch to your kitchen with these leather covers that not only look sleek and classy but work great as well.

  • Good
  • Looks great in your kitchen
  • Great price
  • Good gift for anyone
  • Fits almost any skillet and pans
  • Double leather lining keeps your hands safe
  • Protection from up to 450 degrees F
  • Bad
  • Not dishwasher-safe

What to Look When You Buying Cast Iron Pan Handle Cover

Many manufacturers in the market will brand their product as the best handle cover for cast iron skillet. You will have to know more about some of the features to decide whether or not they are the best. Some of these features are as follows.


Your handle cover could be made out of any thick material. But not all materials can protect you from heat and burns. Three main materials that usually compose a handle cover are cloth or fabric, leather, and silicone.

Heat Capacity

Cloth handle covers are like mittens. They work great with some type of cookware but are not the best option when dealing with an iron skillet. Something like a silicone panhandle cover or a leather cast iron handle cover will do a much better job as they can withstand up to 600 degrees F of heat.

Ease of Use

Most of us are in a rush when cooking. At a time like this, you want something that you can slip on in seconds. Cast iron handle covers that have too many extra attachments that need to be dealt with will kill your time and is not a useful option.

Easy to Clean

Keeping all of your kitchen tools and accessories clean is quite an important step. Hygiene is vital and should always be taken seriously. That is why you should go for covers that can be washed and dried quickly. 

Final Words

We’re sure you’ll find the best cast iron handle cover from our list. A handle cover is a must if you work with skillets regularly. Happy cooking!

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