The Best Kitchen Faucets Under $200 in 2022 (Buying Guide)

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The kitchen is hands down, the busiest room of the house. It’s a place upon which we depend most on healthy food. But making food is not an easy task at all. The cook has to take care of a lot of things and, most importantly, give ample attention to hygiene.

best kitchen sink faucets

Dishware, fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat all have to be washed properly, and so the one common denominator in every kitchen is the kitchen faucet.

You can find kitchen faucets of many different styles. The most exciting ones are the best kitchen faucets under 200 because they are such good value for money.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you buy from my link I might make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. See the full affiliate disclosure here.

But hey, we want you to make smart choices. We’ll give your kitchen faucets under different price ranges so that you can choose to your heart’s content.

Keep in mind that a good faucet is vital because without it, water will leak out of the pipes in the kitchen, and your life will become a disgusting mess.

So, anyway, let’s get into that list now.


5 Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100

Now we come to the section that we had been waiting for! We all love cheap things of quality, right? Well, quality and cheap – you can get them both right here. Let’s check them out quickly!

1. Best Choice: WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull out Kitchen Faucet

If there ever was a faucet that can make you feel excited to do your dishes, then this is the one. First of all, when you are in the kitchen, you can’t help looking at it and feeling proud of your absolute win in this purchase.

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull out Kitchen Faucet

This is a beautiful sleek model that doesn’t cling onto watermarks or fingerprints. It has a brushed nickel finish that exudes a natural shine and makes the sink area look especially premium.

Various elements have been used to make the different parts of this set in a way to ensure that the price can be kept low without making any compromises on the quality.

The sprayer head is shaped like a tulip – this makes it very comfortable in the palm of your hand. You are never going to feel the sprayer slipping from your hands. This will help you to work fast without creating any distractions in your way.

One of the other things that you will love about this faucet is the fact that it has buttons for three different modes, whereas other faucets only have two. You can choose to switch between an aerated stream and a jet stream mode with the additional option for pausing the streams whenever you need to.

This is a tremendous option that is not offered in usual faucets. You don’t have to reach for the handle to take a pause anymore, so you will find yourself taking many pauses and saving a lot of water in the process.

  • Good
  • Looks amazing – never rusts
  • Retractable sprayer head with a long hose
  • Shaped like a thin tulip that fits perfectly in the palm
  • The handle can be used to control the temperature and flow rate
  • Sprayer head has 3 modes – 2 for controlling stream styles and 1 for pausing
  • Bad
  • No magnetic catch for the retractable hose

2. Owofan Commercial Solid Brass Single Handle Single Lever Pull Down Sprayer Spring Kitchen Sink Faucet

This one has the ring design around its spout. It’s not the most elegant design, but it looks very cool and modern. It is designed to stand out from the crowd of sleek faucets that are more impressive to the eye than in functionality.

Owofan Commercial Solid Brass Single Handle Single Lever Pull Down Sprayer Spring Kitchen Sink Faucet

The construction of this faucet is hardcore. It is made of high-quality brass with a black matte finish on it that doesn’t hold on to water and thus resists tarnish.

Brass is a reliable alloy of other metals, and it is characteristically known for resisting rust of corrosion. So, even though this pull down faucet comes at a relatively low price, you will get many long years of shine and service out of it.

The spout stands at an overall height of 16 inches, which gives plenty of room below for working without splashing water in the mounting plate.

The pull-down spout can change between an aerated and a jet stream like other faucets.

Unfortunately, there is no pull-out retractable hose for its sprayer head. But the spout rotates to all 360 degrees, and that will give you plenty of control over the direction of the water. The spout functions so conveniently that you won’t even notice the absence of a retractable hose on it as you use it.

  • Good
  • Pull-down sprayer head with no hassle
  • Very sturdy with a sleek and modern look
  • Amazing water pressure on both modes of streams
  • Spout rotates to 360 degrees to give you freedom in water direction
  • Bad
  • No pull-out system

3. APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Stainless Steel Brushed Nickel

This pull down kitchen faucet is really one of its kind. No, it really is. The system has been patented to lock in both style and functionality into one elegant frame. The brushed nickel looks elegant and also repels watermarks to keep the faucet looking fresh and shiny all the time.

APPASO Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Stainless Steel Brushed Nickel

The spout is made to rotate, and there is also a pull-out system. You can either pull it down and use the rotation to direct water towards the mess in your sink. Or you can also pull out the sprayer head and work with the flexibility of the long hose that extends out to about 20 inches forward. 

The sprayer goes back into the docking station when released at once, due to the self-retracting technology.

There are three modes in the faucet – a stream, a spray, and a pause. The stream will help you fill water into pots quickly, the spray will help you clean more surface area within a small amount of time, and the pause is to help you save water in between work.

The body is made with stainless steel, and all the other components are made of lead-free derivatives of ABS plastic, zinc, and brass. There is no chance of chemical contamination with this appliance.

  • Good
  • 4-step easy installation
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • The sprayer has three different modes of operation
  • Looks very elegant with its rich and glossy finish
  • Bad
  • The handle can become faulty with use

4. Ufaucet Modern Best Commercial Cen Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Single Lever Single Handle Pull Out Sprayer

If you don’t have a lot of clearance on the counter, then this compact yet high-quality brushed nickel modern faucet will be the right fit for your kitchen. It doesn’t require much space for installation. The mounting plate is small and horizontal. The handle is on top of the faucet.

Ufaucet Modern Best Commercial Cen Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Single Lever Single Handle Pull Out Sprayer

This is not a faucet with a big spout, and that is exactly what makes this a perfect installation for tiny areas. The body is made completely of solid brass,  which is a  material that is known for its rust-free properties.

The overall height of this faucet is only 7.9 inches, but the good news is that it comes with a retractable hose. This is the specialty of this small appliance. The hose is about 20 inches in length. By pulling out the sprayer head, you can direct the flow of water to where it is convenient for you.

The sprayer has two options for the water flow. One will give you an aerated stream, and the other will give you a jet stream.

This is a very reasonably priced faucet for small kitchens. It doesn’t compromise in quality. To cut prices, they have just gotten rid of the long spout, but they have incorporated the long hose system to keep its range of functions wide.

  • Good
  • The sprayer has two water flowing patterns
  • allows both 1-hole or 3-hole installations
  • perfect for small kitchens with a small sink
  • Has a solid brass body with a ceramic cartridge
  • does not require a big sink counter for installation
  • The hose extends out 20 inches to give you freedom of movement
  • Bad
  • Poor quality screw sleeve that might cause leaks

5. APPASO 3 Hole Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Magnetic Docking Sprayer

Well, let’s get the first things out of the way. This has a brush! Yes, it comes with a brush attached to the sprayer head – it’s a new idea that is shared by no other model. The brush is soft enough to give your bowls, cutting boards, and other utensils a thorough clean up.

APPASO 3 Hole Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Magnetic Docking Sprayer

You can complete the scrubbing and the washing all with just this sprayer head. No need to look for those pads for simple work like that anymore.

Then there is the pull-out sprayer that has a conical shape, which helps it to dispense water more very smoothly. We must say that this faucet is quite advanced for its price point. 

The magnetic docking station pulls back the pull spray without fail every time it is released. The sprayer head snaps back into place firmly and stays tight in its place without any sagging.

On the sprayer, you will find three buttons for controlling the water flow. The options are – aerated spray, jet stream, and strong sweeping flow.

The last option is not commonly found in most faucets, let along in a faucet under $100! You really get more than your money’s worth when you get this appliance. This is one of the best pull down kitchen faucets you can find.

Also, the whole set up can be completed within 30 minutes by following the easy to follow instructions.

  • Good
  • The sprayer has a pull-out technology
  • includes a soap dispenser and a deck plate
  • Has handles to control the speed of water and its temperature
  • Swivel rotates all 360 degrees to give you free access over the sink
  • 3 water patterns – aerated stream, a jet stream, and a powerful sweeping stream
  • Bad
  • The finish on the faucet is not water-resistant

3 Best Kitchen Faucets Under $200

There are several top kitchen faucets under $200, have a look at the top three from that category below.

1. Best Choice: Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet

This is a curious little faucet to have at home. It’s not that plain in appearance at all. In fact, there are circular rods on the neck of the faucet that looks quite quirky and fun.

The faucet stands 18 inches tall. So if there are cabinets over the sink, make sure that there is enough space for it to fit in there. We must mention that most standard kitchens will have adequate space for the installation.

Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet

The sprayer allows you to switch between two different styles. One of the spray modes will let out an aerated stream of water, while the other mode is for a steady jet stream that is meant for use in case of stubborn grime and grease.

The spout has a reach of 8.69 inches towards the sink. You can comfortably wash your dishes in the space under it. The rings you see around the spout are an indicator of flexibility. That ringed portion can be moved around to slight angles to direct the stream of water more precisely.

You can also pull down the sprayer head to bring it out of its fixed position. The hose feeding to the water sprayer extends to about 20 inches and offers completely smooth maneuvering over the sink.

This gives you an immense amount of control and lets you work in the kitchen with greater comfort.

  • Good
  • Has very good water pressure
  • Pull down sprayer head can extend out to 20 inches
  • Sprayer head has options for two different stream styles
  • Spout height of 18 inches is most likely to fit standard houses
  • Bad
  • Lock rings on the spout handle look cheap

2. Moen 7840 Camerist One-Handle Low Arc Kitchen Faucet

Now, this is a bit unconventional, but if you have a small sink, then you’ll like it for the fit very much. This faucet from Moen has a small spout head that is not suitable for big sinks. The reach isn’t too far, but it supplies a steady flow.

Moen 7840 Camerist One-Handle Low Arc Kitchen Faucet

There is no pull-out sprayer either. If you want to have a more straightforward system in the kitchen, you’ll enjoy the side sprayer system of this one. 

The sprayer supplies water at surprisingly high pressure, but water coming out directly from the faucet will have a lower pressure than that.

The spray head will only shoot out water in one type of stream – the aerated stream. But due to the difference in water pressure from the two outlets, you aren’t going to miss the jet stream force at all. You can use the sprayer for high pressure and the faucet for low pressure – problem solved.

You can adjust the temperature and the water pressure on this faucet. This is super convenient when you’re washing dishes with stubborn grease on them.

The chrome finish on the metal body of the faucet is eye-catching. The glossy exterior will make any kitchen look neat effortlessly. In the pictures, it looks much less nice than up close. There is a certain elegance to it that just doesn’t shine through in the accompanying pictures.

  • Good
  • Made for small sinks
  • Very neat and cute little design
  • Chrome matte finish that looks elegant by itself
  • High water pressure through the sprayer and low from the faucet
  • Bad
  • The water pressure might be insufficient for you when you need to speed up work

3. APPASO Gold Kitchen Faucets

The name says a lot, doesn’t it? This faucet is golden in color, indeed.

This faucet is available in some other grand colors as well. They are all of the same quality; they will also retain their shine and gloss as the years go by.

APPASO Gold Kitchen Faucets

But gold is the most amazing of all the colors, simply because this tasteful undertone golden hue is quite rare in the market. If you chanced upon this product while looking for something a bit fancy within the mid-range prices, then you’re right where you need to be.

Luxury is not only in the appearance of this faucet but also in the way that it operates. You can turn the water on by pulling the handle itself.

The pulldown design is also the most efficient one you’ll ever have used. The sprayer head clicks out of the head and travels to about 20 inches by the hose connection, before snapping back into the faucet head without any glitchy pauses in between.

The whole design of this model has been patented, and you are nowhere else will you get the ease of operation that you get with this.

Another nice addition to this set is the little soap dispenser that comes along with the faucet. This is a two-in-one device for your kitchen that just is a major win for the price at which it’s sold.

There’s only one caveat, though. The golden finish on top is not spot-free. So, you are going to get dry watermarks on it. You have to wipe it down dry after the day’s work is done.

  • Good
  • The spray nozzle is of top quality that can be cleaned off easily
  • Magnetic docking station with a very responsive magnetic pull
  • The spout has a height of 15.7 inches which is quite suitable for big sinks
  • Features a quick installation system that only requires 4 simple steps
  • Bad
  • Gets scratches very easily

3 Best Kitchen Faucets Under $300

Here we have the most expensive faucets on our list. If you fancy yourself a faucet that is not only of good quality but has good looks too, then this is the right section for you.

1. Best Choice: Moen 7185SRS Brantford One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Dried watermarks are a pesky problem that nobody should have to deal with. If you feel the same, the stainless steel finish of this kitchen faucet from Moen is exactly what you should get for yourself.

Moen 7185SRS Brantford One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

No spots can stay on this shiny, glistening faucet. The problem with water spots being solved for you, you will be further ecstatic to find out that the faucet is so elegantly built that it doesn’t take fingerprints either.

This faucet operates on a pulldown and pullout system. That means you don’t have to lean towards your kitchen sink and get yourself drenched anymore. Simply pull out the spray wand, and bring it down to the dirty dishes themselves.

Controlling the stream of water is another aspect of convenience here. You will find two different buttons on the head of the faucet. These buttons are for controlling the flow of water.

By pressing one button, you will get a powerful single stream that works best for stubborn layers of fat. While the other button will give you a steady spray of water, which is less powerful and yet more spread out and suitable for regular cleaning.

The undocking station is made of the same quality stainless steel as the rest of the faucet; no compromises were made in building this faucet, and you will likewise have to make none either.

  • Good
  • Looks smart and suits all types of interior 
  • Smooth pulldown and pull out functions of the wand
  • The wand has two buttons for changing the flow of water
  • Stainless steel body keeps itself free of water spots and fingerprints
  • The nicely shaped wand that will perfectly fit into the palm of your hand
  • The retractable wand that easily snaps back into place when you let go of the wand
  • Bad
  • Not suitable for houses with a high percentage of hard water

2. Kraus KPF-2620BB Oletto Kitchen Faucet

This faucet is going to grab all the attention in the kitchen. The brushed bronze finish is wear-resistant and will retain its color and shine over time. These faucets are available in 3 more finishes. All of them have the same shine and smoothness to their exterior.

Kraus KPF-2620BB Oletto Kitchen Faucet

The faucet is very durable. It’s made with heavy-duty metal, and it’s built to last.

This faucet has a retractable hose that extends to about 14 long inches and lets you stand away from the sink as you do the washing. A magnetic Glide Assure technology is installed within the docking system, which will pull the hose back automatically and prevent it from getting in your way. 

The wand is comfortable to hold. The shape fits the palm of the hand perfectly and gives you freedom of movement. The silicon nozzle has a removable rubber cap on it to catch the limescale and make it easier to clean.

The spray wand has a big rectangular button on it that you can press to change the stream style of water out of the nozzle. You can select the aerated steam or the powerful jet stream depending on how stubborn the grime is.

  • Good
  • Faucet swivels to all 360 degrees
  • Smart handle design makes it easy to control the flow
  • The long hose that extends outwards to a length of about 14 inches
  • The faucet wand is a comfortable shape that you can hold firmly
  • Button on the wand has two flow options: aerated and powerful jet stream
  • Has a pulldown technology that makes it easy to maneuver the flow of water
  • Bad
  • The spray switching button needs to be held; it doesn’t lock into position

3. Delta Kitchen Faucet Leland Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

Now, this is a delta faucet that gives you good value for money. It has features that make it the most convenient faucet in this list.

First of all, it works with touch technology. Yes, your magical touch can turn on the water instantly. If you have dirt on your hands, just tap anywhere on the faucet, and water will simply start to flow out.

Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

You can also use the lever to turn on the water. And you can also detach the wand from the dock, and bring it down to the sink to wash the dishes conveniently without leaning over on the sink.

There is also an LED indicator on the faucet. This will tell you the temperature of the water.

On the nozzle is a rubber cap – this cap holds out the limescale from hard water and makes it easier for you to clean it off quickly. Due to this, the actual nozzle doesn’t get blocked up with the limescale; thus, the faucet lasts longer without maintenance.

When you’re done washing, the spray wand will snap back into the docking station rather than dangle on its hose and be an inconvenience to you.

Delta has a patented Diamond Seal technology to protect all its fixtures. Due to this, there will be no surprising leaks from this faucet.

  • Good
  • Shoots out a powerful spray
  • Magnetic dock station that pulls the hose right in
  • Batteries only need to be changed after every 2 years
  • Touch on the system – tap anywhere on the faucet to turn the water on/off
  • LED indicator changes color to show temperature and battery percentages
  • Bad
  • Sometimes it takes time for the water to come out

What To Look For Before Buying a Faucets for Kitchen?

Kitchen Faucets

If you want to make a smart buying decision and get the best cheap kitchen faucet, you must learn about the product in-depth. And that is what we aim to do in this section, so pay attention.

Types of Mount

There are two types – deck mount and wall mount.

Deck mounts are installed in the sink rest or on the top of the counter. Wall mounts are, of course, attached to the wall.

Number of Holes for Installation

There are some faucets with the handle, spout, and sprayer all in one piece. These can be installed with one hole only.

Then there are other faucets that have the handle, sprayer, and spout neatly arranged separately. With these, you will need to have three holes in the area where you want to mount it.

Sprayer Handles

There are many types of sprayer handles on faucets nowadays. A fixed sprayer that is only pull-down, then there are sprayers which can be pulled down and also pulled out by the use of an internal hose.

Nowadays, you can also find faucets with motion sensors – these can be operated just by tapping any place on the spout.

They are a bit on the expensive side because of their premium build. Such hands-free faucets are time-saving and effortless to use. They are also designed for helping out people with physical disabilities.

Spout Length

Spout length is determined by looking at factors like the size of the sink, and the type of work that you’ll do in it.

Big, high-arcing spouts are for big sinks where a lot of big bowls and pans are washed. They usually have a bigger deck plate and require a good amount of space overhead for installation.

Then there are short spouts. If you have a small kitchen with a compact sink that is only used to wash dishes for a small family, then these will be more suitable for you.

Extra Faucet Features

There are faucets that come with temperature control settings, and some that come with pressure control settings. These are more common ones and are quite necessary for daily cleaning.

Some faucets also come with built-in soap dispensers – these may be a bit on the pricier side, but they are super convenient too.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Kitchen Faucets

Can I install my own kitchen faucet?

Installing a brand new faucet is a fairly simple and straight-forward task. You have to read the instructions carefully and pay attention to the tiny in-between steps like screwing the nuts and bolts tightly so as to prevent leaks, and so forth. The manual guide will tell you everything you need to do. And you can also search online for DIY faucet installation videos for visual directions as well.

Is it hard to install a kitchen faucet?

It’s not hard, but you need to pay attention to check whether all the screws, caps, mounting plates are of good quality. Then you need to meticulously put everything in place by following instructions, and you’ll be done in 30 minutes to an hour.

How long does it take to install a kitchen faucet?

This depends on how many components you have to put together for the installation. But usually, you can do the task as a first-timer within 30 minutes on average.

Do you need plumbers putty to install a faucet?

Not really. There are better alternatives. Check if you have been provided with rubber gaskets in the set. They will work instead of plumber’s putty.

Where do you put plumbers putty on a faucet?

On the faucet holes that you see on top of the counter or sink rest. Plumber’s putty is for tightening the seal – so you can put it in every place where fixtures need to be put together.

Can you put a one hole faucet in a three-hole sink?

Yes, a single hole faucet can be inserted into a three-hole or even a four-hole sink by the use of a deck plate to seal the unused holes. But the opposite cannot be done, for obvious reasons.

Can a kitchen faucet be used in the bathroom?

Of course, they can. But we would recommend you to only do that if it matches the interior of the bathroom. The kitchen faucets with motion sensors will be the best fit for your bathroom, though. 


You need to be very careful when selecting a kitchen faucet. This is not to say that you have to buy expensive ones. The options we have provided for the best kitchen faucets under $100 are known to last much longer than the more expensive and fancy ones.

Now, we have shown you some of the best faucets that are available in the market today. Select one of them, and you will surely not regret it.

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