Best Heat Diffuser for Gas Stove [Buying Guide] 2022

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Tired of your dishes losing their luster after a few trips on the cooktop? Well, get rid of uneven cooking and damaged dishes right away with the best heat diffuser for gas stove.

These devices not only help to protect your precious utensils, but they also ensure even perfect excellent heat distribution.

Although it’s mostly used for commercial use, you can also use this for your personal use. Compared to the loss you’re incurring from burnt cookware, owning a diffuser will certainly save money and effort.

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Therefore, to help you get the top heat diffuser for gas stove top, we have selected the top 8 options on the market.

Best Overall



Cooks Innovations 5200

Best Top-Rated

Kuhn Rikon 9.5-inch Energy Saver

Kuhn Rikon 2081

Best Cast Iron Plate

Cast Iron Heat Diffuser Plate

Cast Iron Heat Diffuser Plate

Best for Better Longevity

UproMax Induction Embossed 11-inch cooktop

UproMax Induction Diffuser

Best Affordable

HIC Harold Import Co. 99134 Heat Diffuser

HIC Harold Import Co. 99134


The Best Heat Diffuser for Gas Stove Top

There are various brands of heat diffusers for stoves and we have tested many of them to conclude with the best 8 devices.

1. COOZYER HK-001 Stainless Steel Induction Diffuser – Best Overall

With this induction diffuser, you don’t have to limit yourself to particular pots and pans. This one goes with all types of cooktops and burners like gas and glass top stove.

This induction diffuser plate goes well with all gas and induction cooker. It has three layers made of stainless steel and aluminum, giving it a sturdy construction.

The construction also lets it disperse heat uniformly. Therefore, when you need uniform heat not to overheat your meal, this can be a useful option. This one’s heat processing features also make it great for cooking stew, soups, and other meals that require slow cooking.

If you buy this thing, your cookware will remain in good condition. And you won’t have to change dishes repeatedly due to burning. You can keep using the pots and pans without worrying about the heat damaging them.

It also comes with a non-heating handle. Therefore, you can easily work from a distance and use the handle to adjust it.

(9.45 inch) Heat Diffuser Stainless Steel Induction Diffuser


  • Has a stay-cool handle
  • Works well with induction cooktops and gas stoves
  • Protects pots from burn damages
  • Sturdy aluminum and steel construction


  • The handle might get hot

2. Cooks Innovations 5200 Heat Diffuser – Runner-Up

Are you using your cookware on an electric stove? If so, this heat diffuser is also best for electric stove. Because the diffuser will protect both the cookware and the stovetop from scratches and wear that can come with extended use.

Diffusers with holes don’t evenly transmit heat and can also burn your dishes. But unlike those, this SimmerMat diffuser gently transmits heat across the cookware so that you never boil dry.

It might sound complicated to use another tool over your stove, but it’s really easy. As the diffuser bears all the burden of the stove’s heat, you might be concerned about cleaning it. You’ll be glad to learn that it can be washed in the dishwasher.

Moreover, this model uses sturdy carbon steel, which is durable. Hence, there is no concern over its resistance to rough use.

This one is great for items that need slow cooking and reheating. On top of that, you can use many types of materials on it like Pyrex, glass, porcelain, Corningware, pottery, etc.

Furthermore, this item will suit any type of cooktop or stove, be it glass cooktop, induction, or gas stove.

To top it off, you also get this for an inexpensive price. So, there is no reason not to love this nifty little tool.

Cooks Innovations SimmerMat Heat Diffuser


  • Suits any type of cooktop or stove
  • Evenly distribute heat
  • Great for slow cooking
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Inexpensive price


  • Can leave stains on your cooktop

3. Kuhn Rikon 2081 Energy Saver – Best Top-Rated Energy Saver

Kuhn Rikon is quite renowned for its exceptionally designed heat diffusers, which also guarantee longevity, performance, and so much more. And, if you are okay spending good bucks on your heat diffuser plate, then this is the right one for you. Plus, it also is guaranteed to save energy. So, it is a good one-time investment!

When you are buying a diffuser, the only thing that you expect from it is that it evenly distributes the heat. Well, this one’s exceptional design allows it to evenly disperse the heat thus, enhancing the taste of the dish further.

Also, the 9.5-inch cooking surface gives the diffuser superb coverage, which enables it to accommodate the largest of pans. And, it was made with a coating that allows you to clean the item with minimum effort. Plus, it prevents scorching.

So, all those delicate heat-sensitive dishes you want to try, with this, you can do that without any worry. Finally, its feathery and convenient storage features let you effortlessly store it after you are done working with it.

Kuhn Rikon 9.5-inch Energy Saver


  • Made with scorch resistant features
  • Evenly distributes the heat as well as saves up energy
  • Compact and lightweight features allow easy storage and mobility
  • Easy to clean


  • Quite expensive

4. HIC Harold Import Co. 99134 Heat Diffuser – Best Affordable

When you need hot temperature but not hot enough to boil your food, this diffuser will come in handy.

The holes make sure you get your desired temperature. But they also ensure that the heat is evenly dispersing to your cookware.

Now, the plate is made of stainless steel but has an attached plastic handle. However, where this diffuser really stands out is its low price.

If you’re looking for an economical and at the same time, the best heat diffuser for gas burners, then this is where your search ends. This unit is great for keeping your food from being scorched or burnt your cookware. Moreover, it can also adjust with small pots to help you keep them on your stove.

It’s not machine washable, but can be cleaned with the hand easily. Furthermore, the diffuser is very easy to store due to the removable handle.

In addition, you will find it very easy to use as it’s not heavy. And since the body is made of steel, you will find it very durable and it won’t corrode or rust.

HIC Harold Import Co. 99134 Heat Diffuser


  • Economical price
  • Durable and strong
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Removable handle


  • Can flake off

5. UproMax Induction Embossed 11-inch cooktop – Best for Better Longevity

If you desire a durable, highly conductive, and optimum performance from your heat diffuser, then UproMax is the one to look for. It is made with stainless steel, which gives it an absurdly sturdy and long-lasting construction. Also, it makes it dent-proof, rustproof, corrosion-proof, and, thus, enhances longevity further.

And, if you use appropriate utensils, the item’s innovative design allows it to perfectly boil water or other liquids with exceptional efficiency. Plus, with this, there is no need to buy any supplementary induction cooktop pans. It was designed for universal usage and, hence, allows you to use it on the induction cooktop and electric stove.

UproMax Induction Embossed 11-inch cooktop

Furthermore, it contains aluminum. The aluminum used to make the item gives it superb conduction capabilities and allows you to cook your food with superb proficiency.

In addition to all these, it perfectly distributes the heat and ensures that the dish receives heat throughout its body. In addition to all that, this one is lightweight and compact. Thus, allowing you to effortlessly carry it as well as store it anywhere in your kitchen.


  • The item is lightweight and compact for superior portability and storage
  • Made with highly sturdy as well as robust material for better longevity
  • Has aluminum used to make the item that gives it superb conductivity
  • Less expensive compared to conventional diffusers


  • Air pockets are created when using it on induction cooktop stove

6. Cast Iron Heat Diffuser Plate – Best Cast Iron Heat Diffuser

You might disregard cast irons for their weight and maintenance, but you can’t deny their effectiveness. So, use this diffuser to get the uses of a cast iron utensil without carrying its weight.

This one will give you the high heat needed for cooking and also keep your pots safe in the process.

Put this above your stove and cook without being close to the burner. This guy is as safe as it is easy. It protects you from the direct heat of the burner and thus keeps you safe.

Furthermore, the makers also make sure your pots and pans don’t get burned from direct contact with the stove.

And what’s more this one is great for gas and electric stove. Often users complain about diffusers reducing the heat too much, but with this, you will get the exact amount of heat you need. In fact, you can easily get most of your cooking done with this.

However, as it is with cast irons, they don’t come cheap. But if you make this expense, you can use this for a long time as it is very durable and strong. It’s also covered with a black coat, but sometimes it might flake off.

Cast Iron Heat Diffuser Plate


  • Durable and strong
  • Great for burners and electric coil or glass cooktop
  • Keeps the pots from burning
  • Protects from direct contact with the heat


  • Price is a bit high
  • Black coats might flake off

7. ChefLand Heat Master Flame Tamer – Best Airpockets System

This is the stovetop heat diffuser you need for containing heat to the minimum.

If you’re melting chocolate, butter, or cheese, it can get tedious to do so with double pots on your stove. But with this efficient device, you can easily work with a single pot.

This does not only distributes heat evenly but also control the heat. Plus, it’s very useful in keeping milk warm or preparing different sauces.

With such flavorsome and delicate food, even a slight change in heat can ruin the taste completely. So, you need to be very precise. But that precision is difficult to achieve on a stovetop directly. Therefore, with this flame guard, you can get that precision easily.

The air pockets make sure your dish doesn’t get discolored or burnt as it contains the heat efficiently.

Constructed of aluminum steel, it is durable and will last long. However, while protecting your pots from getting discolored, this aluminum steel might fade itself.

ChefLand Heat Master Flame Tamer


  • Air pockets for perfect heat control
  • Won’t discolor cooking pot
  • Reasonable price
  • Good for precise heating


  • Color fades after a while

8. Flame Tamer SIMMER Ring Aluminum HEAT Diffuser – Best Budget Heat Diffuser for Gas Stove

Looking for the best heat diffuser for the most reasonable price? Then don’t look further as this SIMMER plate is both reliable and efficient.

Its highlight is the wooden handle that makes sure you don’t burn yourself nor your cookware. The wooden handle is attached and can’t be removed.

Moreover, the heat plate has small holes so that you get proper heat. The plate doesn’t let flame to be in direct contact with the pan but is still hot enough to produce uniform heat.

Furthermore, this has aluminum construction. Therefore, it can be used for heavy-duty cooking. Aluminum is a great material for heat distribution.

In terms of price, it is definitely worth the money. You can’t wash the diffuser with a machine, but it can be washed and cleaned with a cloth.

Flame Tamer SIMMER Ring Aluminum HEAT Diffuser

However, some users have found the wooden handle to be a little close to the plate. Therefore, it can be a little uncomfortable to use.


  • Great for gas stoves
  • Comes with a wooden handle
  • Aluminum construction helps to disperse heat
  • Inexpensive price


  • The handle is a little uncomfortable to use

Things to Consider Before Buying Heat Diffuser for Gas Stove

Picking the best heat diffuser can get difficult as most of them don’t exactly vary in terms of appearance. To compare them, you have first to test them out. Here are factors to remember while picking out the heat diffuser for you:

Heat Conductivity

It is essential because heat diffusers are meant to be made of heat conductive metals that can withstand high temperatures. One of these metals is copper, which is great for distributing heat evenly through the bottom of any pot or pan.

So, look for a heat diffuser with good thermal conductivity because they are less likely to burn out or discolor.


As heat diffusers are made of strong metals with high melting points, it would be a shame if your heat diffuser plates were to bend at the handle, burn from the bottom, or discolor after using it. That is why damage resistance is important in heat diffusers.

To make sure your diffuser is durable, check if the metal has high thermal conductivity and a protective coating.

Kitchen Compatibility

Some heat diffusers tend to stain cooktops, heat the whole stove, or create air pockets on the induction stove. That is why it’s important to make sure the heat diffuser you use is safe to use in your cooking environment.

What can I use instead of a Heat Diffuser?

Lack of a diffuser? Fear not! You can use an inverted pie plate over the burner to keep your stove safe and sound. Just be cautious because too much heat could result in the stability of this pan, but if you’re careful it’ll last for ages – so that’s nothing worth fretting about.

How Does a Heat Diffuser Work?

One of the biggest problems that commercial chefs face is that they tend to burn their utensils. Usually, commercial level stoves are quite powerful, and it is practically impossible to get a low flame setting (especially if you are using a gas stove). The solution to this is a heat diffuser plate.

The Process

Heat diffusers are generally made of highly conductive metals (heat-conducting metals) such as aluminum, etc. These are used in a commercial kitchen.

The work of these flat tools is quite simple: distributing the heat evenly throughout the pan enables you to get optimum flame coverage in the lowest heat setting.

Apart from reducing the chances of burnt crockeries, the item is an exceptional choice when working with heat-sensitive dishes like rice, caramel, and such kind of dishes.

Using a heat diffuser prevents the chance of scorching your dishes and lets you make the masterpiece you were looking for.

Now, how do these items work? All heat diffusers are made of conductive metals. And, it is designed in such a manner that it allows the heat from the stoves to be evenly received by a pan or anything of such sort.

Along with being made with a highly conductive material, it has an even bottom design. This little tweak to the design allows you to heat with more delicate materials like glass, porcelain, etc. And, hence, reduces the chance of the item breaking when exposed to heat.

How to Use a Heat Diffuser on Stove Top

Here is a step by step process you could follow to get a good hang around using a stovetop heat diffuser.

Step 1: Heat It Up

The first step would be to light up a small burner on your stove. Then after that, carefully put your heat diffuser on top of it. Now you would want to decrease the flame to the minimum and gradually let the heat spread throughout the diffuser.

Step 2: Watch the Flame

You have to be sure to keep an eye on the flame at all times. Make sure, that the flame doesn’t get too hot. If it becomes too hot, and if you apply very high heat to the item for a very long time, it will start to get discolored.

Step 3: Put the Pan

Now when your heat diffuser is in place, put your desired pan on top of it to get the cooking process started. Manipulate the flame according to your needs. But it’s best to start with low heat and gradually changing it with time if needed.

Step 4: Switching It Off

Once you are done with cooking, turn the flame off and wait for a couple of minutes for the item to cool down. Do not use your bare hands to remove it from the stove as there is a high chance of you getting burnt. Use a cloth or a heat resistant pot holder to move it.

Step 5: Final Step

It is evident that the diffuser will get dirty. Since you’ll be using it in the cooking process, it is quite normal to face some food spillage. The cleanup process is quite easy. If you are using a metal diffuser, you just need to put it under the sink and give it a good rinse. The product will be as good as new.

Heat Diffuser FAQs

u003cstrongu003eWhat does a heat diffuser do?u003c/strongu003e

Heat diffusers protect your pans from burning and is great for cooking heat-sensitive items.

u003cstrongu003eAre they only for commercial use?u003c/strongu003e

Commercial users need to be very precise when cooking; hence, they use heat diffusers. However, anybody can use it.

u003cstrongu003eWhy do some diffusers have holes?u003c/strongu003e

Heat diffusers with holes give out more heat and flame. These are useful when you need a higher temperature for cooking.

u003cstrongu003eWhat are the uses of diffusers without holes?u003c/strongu003e

When you need very gentle heat for slow cooking, diffusers without holes are better.

u003cstrongu003eDo heat diffusers harm the stove?u003c/strongu003e

Heat diffusers don’t damage the cooktop but can flake off and leave marks.

What are the different types of heat diffusers?

Heat diffusers can vary depending on the type of metal used to manufacture it. The most common types of heat diffusers are iron, aluminum, and stainless steel.

What can I use instead of a heat diffuser?

The average, flat cast iron pan is a close alternative to a heat diffuser. It can distribute heat evenly through the bottom of your cookware and mimic the features of a good heat diffuser. It is also widely available in most kitchens. However, the friction of your cookware to the surface of your pan can cause abrasion and even burn flakes. So, use this substitute only in times you really need it.

Can I use a cast-iron skillet as a heat diffuser?

Yes, it’s a close enough substitute for a heat diffuser. A cast-iron skillet will evenly spread the heat throughout the bottom of the cooking vessel you’re using and treat the ingredients to a fair distribution of heat. This is because the cast iron material itself is a great heat conductor. However, with regular use, the surface of your cast iron skillet can erode out of its protective coating and penetrate the material to cause abrasive damage. So, to avoid this from happening, use this alternative sporadically.

Can you use a heat diffuser on an electric hob?

It depends on what heat diffuser you’re using. Most heat diffusers are supposed to be completely compatible with gas burner and electric hobs.

Can you put your copper heat diffuser in the dishwasher?

Dishwashers contain abrasive cleaning chemicals that can erode the protective coating of copper appliances and discolor the material of your heat diffuser. This eventually affects the overall quality and function of your heat diffuser in the future. So, it’s best if you gently wash it by hand.

What is the purpose of a heat diffuser for glass stove top?

Glass cooktop are a must-have in the modern, technologically advanced kitchen. And what’s more? Heat diffusers! These understated additions to your stovetop prevent hot spot that could burn delicate food or make it stick during cooking by absorbing and releasing heat through its surface area as needed. Plus they’re not too expensive at just $20 bucks each.

Should I use a heat diffuser for stovetop?

Yes. If you want to cook more evenly, without any charring or scorching of food on the bottom side of your pan during high-heat cooking.

Final Thoughts

If your pots and pans are precious to you, then you will surely fancy these diffuser plates. But don’t confuse yourself with all the brands and varieties, and buy the best heat diffuser for gas stove top, even also other stovetops from our list.

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