What to Look for When Buying a Kitchen Chimney – {Step by step guide}

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Howdy Everyone, A chimney is an important part of the kitchen. The hood can be used to capture odors, smoke, and other airborne contaminants that come from cooking or burning food items. When buying a chimney, it’s crucial to consider the height of your ceiling as well as how much space you have in your kitchen for installation. 

Cooking is a science, and the kitchen chimney is an integral part of that science. The chimney’s function is to draw smoke out from the oven so it doesn’t fill your house with a thick haze. It also removes moisture from the oven and helps maintain more even temperatures in there. A good chimney should be sturdy, have plenty of ventilation holes, and have a long enough flue pipe for you to get away from any potential carbon monoxide leaks. If you’re going to use your stovetop instead of an oven (or if you want to cook on multiple levels), then make sure your chimney has those features as well!

In this blog post, I will cover what you need to know about when purchasing a chimney for your kitchen including the importance of considering the height of your ceiling before purchase and how much space you have available for installation if needed. I will also cover brands, features, and additional considerations that you should be aware of when making your final decision. Finally, I will take a brief look at some of the best-selling chimneys currently available on the market.

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9 Things To Consider When Buying An Kitchen Chimney

What is a chimney and what does it do?

how to choose kitchen chimney

A chimney, also known as a flue pipe or vent pipe, is an integral part of your kitchen’s ventilation system for your stovetop and oven. The chimney captures harmful gases that are produced when you use them to cook food items such as grease, steam, or smoke. It also removes moisture from the air generated by cooking so your food doesn’t get soggy while cooking – this helps reduce the potential of burning yourself on high heat settings too. 

In most modern kitchens if you can see lights flickering from below your kitchen cabinets then you should upgrade to LED bulbs immediately! Even though incandescent bulbs are the cheapest type of lighting to purchase, they do have some significant drawbacks including high energy usage and long warm-ups before full brightness.

Not only that but LED’s will help reduce your energy bills significantly as well. You don’t need to change all the light fittings in your house to LED’s, just use them for task lighting such as under kitchen cabinets and in hallways.

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Why you need to consider the height of your ceiling before purchase

One of the most important aspects to consider is whether your kitchen has a high ceiling or low ceiling. It sounds obvious, but if you have a kitchen with a high vaulted ceiling then this means that you may be limited in your ability to choose between different chimneys on the market.

This is because the average height for any chimney hopper will be between 30 inches and 36 inches. Outside of these heights, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a model that fits within your space requirements as well as being ergonomically effective while cooking! The best way to resolve this issue is by installing one of the smaller models.

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How much space you have available for installation if needed?

One of the most important considerations when buying a chimney is how much space you currently have for installation and whether this would fit into your current kitchen design without modifying existing cabinet fitting or other appliances present within it. You might think you’ve got enough room on top of your oven for a chimney, but because the base of your oven is sloped you may find that it doesn’t cover the entire opening in your cabinets and will leave an unsightly gap below.

For this reason, make sure you measure the dimension of your existing cabinets before buying anything to ensure that you get something that fits correctly as a chimney or vent hood should.

What are the key features to consider before purchasing a chimney for your kitchen?

The first thing you need to think about when purchasing one is its height, as previously discussed in point 2. Not all models can be installed on top of high vaults although lower ceilings will often have no issues with regard to clearance whatsoever – if you’re stuck then look into some of the smaller models that can fit between cabinets and wall units. If your kitchen has a high ceiling, you might need to consider something like this electric hood from Vapamore for instance.

Another thing to look out for is whether it has a built-in fan or not – if so then it’s likely to be more effective as well as being quieter than one without because fans have been shown to reduce the amount of time needed to bring food up to temperature by about 10% compared with non-fan based units!

What size should I get?

kitchen chimney size

With regard to size, always go bigger rather than smaller if possible. This is because if you buy something too small then it isn’t going to be able to change enough air over your cooking surface to reduce the amount of smoke produced by cooking. This will result in awkward smells and even burning in some cases! Always make sure you consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific product before buying it but if you’re unable to find anything about this then we recommend looking at models that are around 0.8 – 1 cubic ft per square foot of cooking space available within your kitchen.

If there is no internal space available, then look into external direct vented units that can be fitted outside or on walls with unlimited clearance like this one from Broan for instance.

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Additional considerations you need to be aware of when making your final decision

There are a few key additional extras to look out for when purchasing a chimney or hood including a smooth finish, stainless steel as opposed to aluminum as this is less likely to flake into your food or get scratched by pots, easy-clean surface, and wheels for mobility.

Can I install a new kitchen chimney myself?

While it might be the case that you can save money installing a chimney yourself when compared with hiring a professional, we always recommend going with professional advice from the start – especially if you’ve never installed something like this before! Most manufacturers provide free installation guides and wiring diagrams that you can use to help ensure professional results without paying anyone extra so make sure you check these out before making any decisions about who will do the work for you!

Things to avoid when buying your chimney

There are some issues you need to watch out for when doing this such as smoke leaks, stainless steel rather than painted aluminum construction, and an overall poor design.

Be sure to always read reviews of potential products before buying them too – the last thing you want is a chimney that falls apart after just a few uses or removes odors less effectively than other comparable models available.

What are my options?

You can buy everything from the smallest of chimneys to full-sized hoods and it’s important to take into account your overall budget as well as your specific requirements before deciding what type you might want to invest in. There are numerous different types available including easy-clean, ventless, wall-mountable, ones with lights or built-in fans, and so on but their key features tend to vary very little if at all across the board.

If you’re going for an external unit then consider the location within your kitchen carefully because this will affect how easily accessible it is to keep clean etc. Consider things like drip pans too – these catches any oil that drips down while you’re cooking and make cleaning far easier than having to wipe down the walls after every meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I choose a good kitchen chimney?

Ans – When searching for a chimney, it is important to take into account the height of your stove. A shorter stove will require a taller chimney than the taller stove, as the smoke cannot rise upwards and escape in this case. Also, keep in mind that multiple stacks are best because they eliminate much of the need for continual back-flipping of pans on long grates when cooking large items such as roasts or turkeys. Lastly, make sure you select a unit with sufficient venting power! In order to burn off grease efficiently and cook at high heat without releasing flavors into your kitchen, you must have ventilation capabilities that exceed those used while cooking by 10%! So be sure to look for units with 3 inches or more.

2) What should I look for when buying a chimney?

Ans – There are two key considerations when shopping for a chimney:
1) the type of material, and
2) the interior dimensions.
The most common materials in use today are aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminum is cheaper, but it is one of the only materials to transmit heat about as well as steel. Aluminum also ages much faster than other materials, with rates depending on the frequency of exposure to sunlight, a chemical reaction from rainwater contact (over time), etc. Stainless steel has its benefits: it’s more durable (though not immune to rusting or high-temperature cracking), recyclable, easy to install into preexisting structures like fireplaces…. And then there are prefabricated metal chimneys made up

3) Which is the best chimney for home?

Ans – Best Chimney For Home
1) AROAN 36 inch Wall Mount Range Hood
2) IKTCH 30 inches Wall Mount Range Hood
3) HisoHu Range Hood 30 inch
4) FOTILE JQG7502.G 30″ Range Hood Unique
5) BROAN NuTone BW5030SSL Convertible

4) Which is better filter or filterless chimney?

Ans – I would say that your chimney cleaner will be able to give you more of an accurate answer to that question.
Filterless chimneys can have deposits built upon them, and filterless chimneys are unable to catch the most dangerous particles-mercury, soot, tar, heavy metals, or bacteria. It’s much better to just get a system with filters. You’ll sleep better at night knowing it is doing what it’s supposed to do-protecting you and your family from these pollutants in the air.
I hope this information helps! If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask and hopefully someone on

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Conclusion and summary

what is a chimney and what does it do: The kitchen chimney hood draws smoke out from the oven so that it doesn’t fill your house with a thick haze as well as removes moisture from the oven and helps maintain more even temperatures within there. A good Chimney should be sturdy, have plenty of ventilation holes, and have a long enough flue pipe for you to get away from any potential carbon monoxide leaks. If you’re going to use your chimney hood with an electric cooker, you might want to consider getting a fan-assisted one because they are more energy-efficient than the conventional kind.

what do I need to consider when buying this? When purchasing a chimney hood for your kitchen, there are a few things you should keep in mind such as height and size of your kitchen, type of cooking device, and so on before making a decision. You also have to take into account whether you want it mounted on the inside or outside of your house but most people prefer these to be fixed on the inside wall. If you’re looking for some extra features like lights or other appliances included, then make sure you check any reviews from previous customers about how well they work!

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