How to Protect Hardwood Floors in Kitchen – 5 Tips to Follow

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Kitchens are always messy. If you don’t take good care of your hardwood floors, they will lose their shine within a short time.

Plus, you do drop things now and then, don’t you? Imagine dropping something heavy on your floor, and you get is a huge crack.  Leave the crack, your floors will at least get scratch-marks, that’s for sure.

End your nightmare simply by adding some protection to your floor, and you’ll be good to go. Yep, that’s what we’re talking about today. We’ll tell you how to protect hardwood floors in kitchen and that too in the most effective and simplest ways.

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Tips on Protecting Hardwood Floors

Now that you know that it’s important to take proper care of your hardwood floor in the kitchen, here’s how you can do so!

Mastering the Use of Rugs

Rugs or carpets are one of the top priorities in houses with wooden floors. Yes, even in your kitchens. A classy-looking rug might brighten up your kitchen floor and add glamour to the entire room.

The contrast between hardwood floors and kitchen rugs or mats is truly amazing. Some people just do it for aesthetic purposes, but you should know that you can use them to protect your beautiful hardwood floor.

Try using a rug on the entryway and a mat in front of the sink or oven. Just the placement of these two or three mats will make a huge difference. You can practically save your floor from tons of micro-scratches.

Don’t Wear Shoes

I know it can get annoying to take your shoes off every time you enter the kitchen. But a little step like this might save your hardwood kitchen floor. Shoes and sandals can leave intense marks or scratches, which would be there for the rest of your life.

So, it’s best to avoid using your shoes when you’re in the kitchen just to be super safe.

Using Rubber Furniture Pads

This life hack will come in handy for the other rooms of your home too. Using rubber or silicone pads for the feet of your furniture is not a new concept. In fact, people have been doing this since forever.

If you really value your beautiful hardwood kitchen floor, you can invest in a few of these rubber pads and place them on the furniture feet. So if you’re moving any furniture around, they won’t leave a big ugly scratch in the middle of your kitchen.

Try using the ones with adhesives that stick to the furniture feet quite well. There are also other material choices if you’re not too keen on using rubber. You can opt for felt too. Felt actually works incredibly well to protect your hardwood floor.

Switch to Plastic Slides for Your Furniture

Different types of furniture are big culprits when it comes to wooden kitchen floors. It’s fine if all your furniture is fixed to the wall. But the stovetop and the fridge might still do a number or your beautiful floor.

If you’re using chairs with metal legs, you should look for replacements. And if you want to go with the cheaper option, you can attach plastic glides onto the metal legs. These glides will introduce a new layer between the bar stools and the floor, which you might call a new layer of protection.

And if you have no problem with going overboard, you can line those plastic glides up with felt!

Clean, Mop, Sweep!

If it wasn’t obvious at first, then it should be now! To protect your beautiful hardwood kitchen floor, you need to clean it continually! Since it’s the kitchen, apart from the usual dirt and dust, you’ll see bits and pieces of food substances dropping on the floor too.

The grease from foods might eventually end up damaging your floor. And as for dirt and dust, walking around with them on your feet might cause micro-abrasions too.

So, you probably have an idea by now that you need to keep the kitchen floor clean. Sweep and mop multiple times a day for the best results. Try using detergent or floor cleaners when you have the chance.

A simple effort from you will end up making a ton of difference. I know all of these might be a little too much to handle. But since you’ve already spent so much on the beautiful wooden floor, why not try to maintain it?

Final Words

See? Knowing how to protect hardwood floors in kitchen wasn’t that hard at all, was it? Here’s a little tip for you. You can keep your floor clean, and you should.

Now, we know that you’re not going to follow all the methods (most people don’t.) But here’s this thing. Using rubber furniture pads is a must. Also, make sure you get your hands on the best kitchen mats for hardwood floors. You ignore these two steps, your floor stays in grave danger. 

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