Meal Planning Ideas For Beginners

Meal Planning Ideas For Beginners

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This is an update of an older post. I still haven’t really got the habit down of meal planning so I’m adding some new ideas because organization is one of my big goals for this year so I need to get started doing this. 

I’m trying to start menu planning. I need to cut back on grocery spending. It’s one of the only things that we regularly spend money on that we can cut back on to save some money. So I’m trying to find a menu planning system I like so I can make grocery lists for exactly what we need and then I will move on to learning to use coupons to their fullest. There are a bunch of different meal planning ideas out there. What I’m looking for is one that doesn’t involve me having to do a lot of writing. I don’t have the ability to write due to my disability. Also I want something I can get my daughter involved in. Here are a few I’m going to maybe try:

1. meal planning magnets I really like this one and if I have the time I might make them. 

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2. Meal planning printables This is really cute and the printables are free. Which is always good. I will probably end up doing this one

Some meal planning inspiration ... Will handcraft my own if I don't find one I like ;-) - Free Meal Planning Printables

3. menu board I really love that the cards have the ingredients needed right on the back so you have them right there when you are making your grocery list. Also her board is really adorable.

All three of these ideas are good ones. I’m going to try them one at a time and see which one works for me.

Here are some great meal planning tips here

Does anyone have any meal planning ideas that work for them? We’ve always been a just fix whatever we have type of family but now that money saving is such a big priority I think planning, grocery lists and coupons are going to have to be our new way of life.

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