30+ Delicious Instantpot ideas for dinner

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Are you tired of making dinner? Right now we are in the middle of staying home we’ve been home for dinner every night because we aren’t doing takeout and there is no going out to restaurants.

Even when life is more normal though I’m not a huge fan of cooking but I’m lucky to have a teenage daughter who does like to cook.

We got an instantpot a few months ago and I have to say I just love having one. It’s even easy enough that I don’t mind making dinner as much. I am even a bigger fan of using the Instantpot than I am of my slow cooker which I also love.

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There are still so many ideas I want to try with the Instantpot because there are just so many things you can make and it was such a good investment because it’s so versatile. There are so many delicious instantpot ideas for dinner to give a try.


Meatless Instantpot Recipies

1 Vegetable Chow Mein Noodles

2 You can make Mac and Cheese which is always a family favorite

3 Load up on some vegetables with Vegetable Soup

4 One of our favorites is to make Baked Potatoes in the Instantpot. So easy and we can make up our potatoes just how we want to.

5 Creamy Ziti which I’m going to make this weekend. Yum!

6 Broccoli Cheese soup

7 Though Meatless this Taco Soup has plenty of protein

8 Check out this vegetarian Chili

9 These stuffed Shells look so good

Chicken Instantpot Recipies

1 Honey Teriyaki Chicken

2 Try out Chicken Burrito Bowls. I love burrito bowls from Chipotle so this is a good at-home option.

3 Super simple Chicken Tacos that you can whip up in no time. We had these last night and they were delicious.

4 This Tasty Chicken Fried Rice

5 You can make one of my favorite meals Chicken Fajitas in an instantpot too. So good!

6 I’m such a fan of pasta in the Instant pot and this Tuscan Chicken Pasta is awesome.

7 This teriyaki Chicken rice and Vegetable meal sounds good

8 I’d go light on the bacon in this Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta because I’m not a huge fan of bacon, but it does sound amazing

9 Give these Garlic Parmesan Chicken wings a try

Meat Instantpot Ideas

1 This delicious looking Meatloaf which I’m excited to try.

2 Give this Lazy Lasagna a try. I love lasagna so I want to try this out too.

3 Pot Roast with Veggies

4 Really yummy Beef and Broccoli

5 Need to get your family to eat more vegetables? Check out this Sneaky Vegetables Chili

6 Stuffed Bell Peppers

7 Check out this Chili Mac and Cheese which looks amazing

8 One of my daughter’s favorites Pulled Pork BBQ made so easy

9 We might be getting into warmer weather but this Lasagna Soup sounds good

Delicious Instantpot Dessert Recipes

I haven’t tried making dessert in out instantpot yet but I’m thinking that we will be giving that a try soon. We have lots of time to make new meals lately so I will be giving one of these a try.

1 These yummy looking Apple dumplings

2 Not a fan of apples? Well check out this peach Cobbler

3 Oreo Cheesecake which is really the only type of cheesecake I like

4 Though my family loves cheesecake so I could make most flavors and it would be a hit. Like this cheesecake with Cherry Topping.

5 I love brownies and didn’t know you can make them this way. Need to give this a try.

Instant Pot Brownies on a plate.

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