How To a Clean Kitchen Chimney: (A Detailed Guide)

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Howdy everyone, Cleaning the kitchen chimney is a time-consuming and difficult task. It requires high levels of attention to detail, care, and patience in order for it to be done properly. For this reason, many people find themselves putting off cleaning their chimneys until they are faced with potential health risks such as carbon monoxide poisoning or poor ventilation which can lead to respiratory illnesses. The following blog post will outline the steps you need to take in order to clean your kitchen chimney effectively so that you can avoid any problems related to safety or health issues later on. As always, please consult a professional before proceeding with any home improvement projects!

One of the most important things about cleaning your kitchen chimney is ensuring that all parts of it have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any potential damage. Here are the tips for using a kitchen chimney.


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15 tips to clean kitchen chimney

How to clean kitchen chimney

how to clean kitchen chimney motor

You can use a chimney brush to clean your chimney. It’s a little long, but it’s worth the price and it does work very well. There are also other brushes that work as well such as the crevice tool or slot-head sets that are sized for cleaning grills and ovens. They look similar to a pencil and are made of semi-soft plastic or rubber. For best results, you should use them when the grates are hot.

Keep one side of your brush clean, and the other wet with water, soot, or ash. Brush in small circles to loosen the soot. Repeat until all the burnt-on debris is gone. If you do not have a brush that will allow you to work from below, use an old toothbrush or household cleaning brush such as Shark or Oreck instead. You can also clean this chimney with a piece of cloth.

The reason why it’s good to keep one side of your brush clean and the other wet is that it creates a liquid/solid separation which allows for better sweeping because they don’t just smear around everything and make new messes like they would if both sides were the wet

best way to clean kitchen chimney Grill grates should also be cleaned when they are hot. Scrape off any loose debris, wipe the grates clean with a wet rag and scrape again. In general, you should never use water to clean your grill as it can cause rust.

It is true that professional chimney sweeping will remove built-up creosote in a matter of hours. But there are still many ways that you can keep your chimney clean without paying the fees for service or buying new expensive gadgets. Cleaning and maintenance should be done at least once every three months to maintain its efficiency and avoid accidents. And see our Broan Range Hood Reviews.

Inspect the chimney for any potential damage

Inspecting the chimney carefully is a crucial step in cleaning your kitchen chimney because if you do not notice cracks or other issues before you start using it again, you could end up with high levels of carbon monoxide which can lead to serious health problems. Some of the signs that your chimney has been damaged include:

– cracked brickwork on the interior walls

– bulging and/or cracking mortar on joints and corners

– paint peeling from flue pipes or bricks near burning appliances such as kitchens, stoves, and fireplaces.

Clean the chimney thoroughly and effectively

Helping You be Fuel Smart, the website of the Environmental Protection Agency states that “Regular cleaning will improve your safety, efficiency, and comfort” and is a crucial step in ensuring that you have completely cleaned your kitchen chimney. One of the ways to do this effectively is by using an interior liner brush which can help remove any soot deposits from flue pipes that can catch fire or even cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

 In addition, some companies offer tips on how to clean your chimney using natural products such as cups of vinegar (use it mixed with warm water) or lemon juice (lemon juice mixed with baking soda) because these are environmentally friendly products that will not damage your kitchen wall or flues. If your kitchen chimney is dirtier, you can also use caustic soda.

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Avoid health risks related to poor ventilation or carbon monoxide poisoning

One of the biggest health risks related to cleaning your chimney is smoke and soot drifting into other parts of the house which can potentially cause carbon monoxide poisoning. To avoid this, simply ensure that all parts of the chimney are well ventilated when you are using an open flue fireplace or any other type of open fire.

This will also help with preventing soot deposits from forming on the interior walls and ceilings which can then be removed easily once you have cleaned your kitchen chimney correctly.

Avoid accidental fires

Avoid accidental fires in kitchen chimney

One of the main reasons why people do not want to clean their own chimneys is that they fear being injured by falling bricks or debris as a result of damaged joints in the brickwork or mortar. If you are using a fireplace or wood-burning stove, be sure to have at least one adult present while cleaning your kitchen chimney, and make sure that they inspect the walls and flues regularly as you clean.

 In addition, you should never use water to clean the interior of your flue pipes or firebox in case it starts leaking out from the cracks and causes a fire.

Avoid damage to your home or property

This is another reason why many people do not want to clean their own chimneys – because they fear that something will fall on them as they work in the area around the ovens, stoves, or other parts of their wood-burning appliances. To avoid this, simply keep small children away from the kitchen area while you clean your chimney and have someone else supervise them to ensure that they do not try to climb on top of the furniture, cabinets, or other items in the room.

You should never stand directly underneath your chimney as it could collapse at any time and cause serious injury because cracking flues will often develop slowly over many years. And read our 4 Best Kobe Range Hood Reviews.

Avoiding causing damage to yourself

People who clean their own chimneys can be injured by falling bricks or stones which is why it is vital for you to wear protective clothing when doing this job such as a face mask with goggles so that you can avoid inhaling brick dust or other small particles which may scratch your skin.

You should also make sure that you inspect the eyewall thoroughly to ensure that you do not have any loose bricks or stones in the area. If you see cracked bricks or mortar, call a professional chimney sweep immediately.

Avoid legal issues

Unfortunately, there are companies that take people’s money and then never clean their chimneys but this is extremely rare unless someone has hired an unprofessional vendor who does shoddy work. If you feel that your company has failed to meet its obligations, contact them first and try to resolve the problem before taking any further action. If this approach does not work, then you should contact your local consumer protection agency to help resolve the matter.

You can find help with legal issues on the consumer helpline website which is run by experts who are able to give free advice and information on what you can do if you feel that a company has failed or refused to meet its obligations after starting a job.

Avoid damaging or destroying your chimney

One of the main reasons why people decide to hire professional chimney sweeps is because they do not want to damage or destroy their property while cleaning it incorrectly. If you feel that you have tried everything else listed above and are still having problems, simply talk to a professional who will be able to tell you how best to your own chimney without causing damage or having an accident.

Avoid high costs because you need to hire a professional

This is another reason why many people prefer hiring chimney sweeps – because they know that can do the job better than them and it will be expensive calling in a professional if they end up making mistakes and damaging their property even more.

If you feel that your chimney needs attention, then, by all means, get help from a knowledgeable professional so that you can avoid the potential problems of inadequate treatment such as cracked flues, damaged bricks, and walls that become loose over time.

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How to clean your kitchen chimney in a safe and effective manner

The final point that you need to focus on is safety – because if anything does happen while you are cleaning your own chimney, then you do not want it to be serious or worse still, fatal. The most important safety tip that you should follow whenever you clean the interior of your ovens and stoves is to make sure that someone else keeps an eye on the kids in case they try to climb onto a countertop or other furniture in the kitchen.

This means even toddlers and elderly relatives – everyone needs watching so that no one gets hurt while you do this job, which will take approximately half an hour depending upon how dirty your flues have become.

How to clean your chimney yourself

You will clearly need to wear protective clothing whenever you clean your own chimneys such as thick gloves, a heavy-duty face mask, and goggles in addition to having plenty of disposable rags that you can use. You should only ever use the appropriate cleaning products which will be outlined below including commercial-grade soap or detergent depending upon how dirty the flues are.

For very stubborn dirtiness problems, it may actually come down to using some chemicals until everything has softened up and is easier to remove but do not overdo this as regular water will suffice most of the time.

How to fix a cracked kitchen chimney

If you find that you have a cracked flue, then it is best to contact a professional from the very start because they will be able to replace or repair it for you as needed. You can try filling in the fractures yourself with mortar but this is really only done as a short-term solution while waiting for someone else to fix it properly.

It may seem like an easy job but broken bricks and mortar are extremely dangerous and must not be exposed to the fire which means that any work cannot take place around live flames. Try your best at making sure that everything remains stable until the professionals arrive!

How to clean your chimney when it is leaking

how to clean a chimney when it is leaking

So how do you clean your chimney if it is leaking? Usually, this means that your flues are loose and compromised and will need to be replaced or repaired by professionals. This can also be caused by a damaged roof which needs to be fixed as soon as possible so the leaks can stop.

How to find the best chimney cleaning company

If you really do not want to clean your own chimney, then how can you find the best cleaning services? The easiest way is by looking online where many companies will provide a breakdown of their services and pricing structure that you can easily access. This will be alongside some customer reviews which give firsthand accounts of what their experiences were like so that you can see how good they are at getting the job done. Always remember that a company may look great but it does no harm to check out the opinions of previous clients first because they will let you know if it was worth spending money on them or not!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do you clean a greasy kitchen chimney?

Ans – To clean a greasy kitchen chimney, stand the chimney pipe in a bucket of clean water and fill with white vinegar. Then scrub it with steel wool while immersed for about 30 minutes. The acidity of the vinegar will break down the grease. After you’ve done this, scrub any grimy areas or persistent debris with bleach on a toothbrush. You should dry all surfaces after washing to avoid rusting hazards and corrosion from future water; use paper towels if you can’t use an old cloth rag without lint fibers mishaps like so many dainty-fingered home cooks might experience.

2) How do you clean a chimney with baking soda?

Ans – A chimney can be cleaned with baking soda or a wire wool scrubber, which can be used to clean the inside or outside of a chimney. To clean an outdoor chimney, simply place a kettle of boiling water on the stove and pour into it ½ cup baking soda. Caution: The chemicals in some soaps and detergents damage brickwork, so it’s best avoided when cleaning treated-wood surfaces such as brickwork.
To clean an indoor fireplace or wood burner you’ll need about six quarts of hot water mixed with one part bicarbonate of soda.

3) How do you clean a metal chimney?

Ans – It is best to clean a metal chimney with ordinary grease-cutting detergent, like laundry detergent or dishwashing soap. You can also make your own cleaner by mixing borax and baking soda in water. Pour the solution 2 cups of borax into 16 ounces of warm water. Add 1/4 cup of baking soda, stir well until it becomes viscous (you may need to add more water). Wear gloves while scrubbing with the solution over the entire surface of the metal chimney and rinse off thoroughly using a wet cloth or brush.

4) What is an auto clean chimney?

Ans – An auto clean chimney, otherwise known as an electronic chimney, is a kitchen chimney that has much better efficiency than traditional brick or tile. Using fluidized sand to press in on a given area of the inner pipe causes the gas to go out from another opening. You should have an auto-clean chimney if you enjoy cooking with gas.

5) How to use paint thinner to clean kitchen chimney

Ans – They should be cleaned every two weeks for best efficiency and safety.
The kitchen chimney filter requires regular cleaning for optimal efficiency and safety. Too much grease build-up can increase the risk of carbon monoxide exposure, so it is better to clean the chimney filters in intervals to avoid potential risks. It is advised that these filters be checked every two weeks so as not to miss any interval while guaranteeing safe usage of a charcoal cooktop.
Adding some water into a bowl before or after, one can easily use water and food products on hand to quickly clean up a kitchen chimney filter without having to buy expensive cleaners; this also keeps things cleaner around the house as well which benefits overall health!


Hopefully, the above article has given you an overall idea of how to clean your chimney and why it is so important. It is definitely a job that you can do yourself but only after reading the points made above! Always keep safety in mind when doing any kind of oven cleaning as it does not matter whether or not you are experienced – if anything happens, then you want to know what to do about it quickly so that no one gets hurt. Spotting problems early enough will also save money because if something serious had happened while cleaning your own chimney, then there would be an awful lot of damage that needs repairing right away! If things are left for too long, then this work can get very expensive very quickly! Good luck everyone with your chimneys and hopefully you will never have to clean them again!

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