5 Ways To Clean An Induction Cooktop – (2022)

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Howdy Everyone, Our today’s topic is How to clean an induction cooktop. If you’re sick of scrubbing your pots and pans, you should know that an induction cooktop is one of the easiest surfaces to clean. Induction is a method of cooking that uses magnetic current instead of heat to generate heat energy. It’s better for your cookware because there’s no need for a hot burner, and it’s better for the environment because it uses less energy.

If you’re thinking about getting an induction cooktop, or if you already have one, here are some tips for keeping it clean.

5 Easiest Ways To Clean An Induction Cooktop

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how to clean induction cooktop naturally
Induction Cooktop

How To Clean An Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops are extremely useful to many people, but the cleaning process is not so straightforward. If the food on the surface gets burnt, then you need to remove it and then clean the surface.

After this, you must disinfect the surface so that it will not be contaminated with dirt. To clean an induction cooktop, you should first use a cleaner that is suitable for induction cooktops and then rub it gently with a soft cloth.

After this, you should clean the surface with water and a mild solution of detergent. After this, you must wipe the surface with a dry cloth, and then dry it. Finally, you should clean the surface with a dry cloth, and then dry.

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how to clean a induction cooktop

How To Clean The Heating Coils

Induction cooks top coils need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the buildup of food residues and oils. Even the best induction cooktops can become difficult to clean if they become covered in greasy gunk.

Here, you’ll learn how to clean all of the coils on your induction cooktop in two different steps.

The first step cleans the coils by removing any grease and grime that has built up around the heating elements.

The second step helps to seal the coils in order to prevent them from drying out. The cleaning instructions for these coils may differ from the manufacturer. Follow the suggested directions for the easiest way to clean your induction cooktop coils.

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how to clean the induction cooktop

Cleaning An Induction Cooktop With Vinegar

The first step in cleaning an induction cooktop is to get rid of any food that is stuck to the induction surface.

Remember to thoroughly clean all surfaces, and inspect the heat pots. Cleaning ingredients into a small container will take a bit longer to clean, and you’ll need a sink. Mix one cup of white vinegar with one cup of warm water in a small bowl. You can keep the bowl in the sink, and then fill the bowl with water and the vinegar solution. Boil the mixture for five minutes to create the solution.

The solution is not strong, but it will do a great job of removing any stuck-on ingredients. After five minutes, rinse it with cold water. This helps remove the solution but does not rinse away dirt. It’s fine to do this once, though.

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How To Clean The Inside Of The Cooktop

Use a soft bristle brush to clean the inside of the vent covers. A vacuum cleaner or brush will remove dust from inside vent covers. This is how the induction cooktop is cleaned from the inside.

How To Clean The Outside Of The Cooktop

Before you begin, you need to remove the coil-vent and the internal cleaning mechanism. Remove the inner cooking pot cover. Take out the internal stainless steel cleaning mechanism.

Connect the clean-out vent through the hole in the bottom of the cooker, and close it using the rubber seal. Pull out the coil-vent, and place it in a flat pan. Get a small wire brush, sponge, and dish soap. Put some soap into the brush. Wash the coil-vent until clean, and gently scrub it with the wire brush.

You can use a dish sponge too, but you will have to do more scrubbing. Leave the coil-vent and clean-out vent to dry. Clean the pot inserts Take out the pot inserts from the base. This is how the induction cooktop is cleaned from the outside.

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