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Hello Guys, If you are looking for the best induction cooktop for your kitchen then you are at the right place. We are going to tell you about the best induction cooktop of max burton company (Max Burton Induction Cooktops). Friends, you know how important it is to have an induction cooktop in our home. Because you can make a meal in no time from the induction cooktop. We will tell you in detail about each induction cooktop. And whatever induction cooktop we are going to tell you about is all according to your budget. So let’s get started

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71e5bfR-2HL._AC_SL1500_ (1) Max Burton 6450 Digital LCD 1800 Watt Induction Cooktop Black & Silver Check Price
51WdVb-MUEL._AC_SL1000_ Max Burton 6600 Digital Induction Cooktop    Black Check Price
51cbdAfs7cL._AC_SL1000_ Max Burton 6515 Digital ProChef-1800 Induction Cooktop  Silver & Black  Check Price
61B-+3lFn0L._AC_SL1000_  Max Burton 6535 Digital ProChef-3000 Induction Cooktop Silver & Black  Check Price

Max Burton Induction Cooktops

(1) Max Burton 6450 Digital LCD 1800 Watt Induction Cooktop:

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You can see how well this induction cooktop has been designed. Also this induction cooktop uses 120V AC power in all the houses.

This induction is very easy to use and efficient. This induction cooktop is completely smart.

In this induction cooktop one touch boiling option is available. This induction cooktop uses very little space.

And this cooktop also has functions like digital LCD screen and screen lock without changing the settings.

Digital temperature control from 100 ° F to 450 F. A digital timer is also available with an extension of 1 minute to 180 minutes.

Compatible with any induction ready cookware to include stainless steel, cast iron or any cookware with magnetic bottom.

An even better option is to shut down the machine automatically in case of short circuit, overvoltage or overheating. Or if it is running for more than 3 hours, the machine shuts down automatically.

And this max burton company provides 1 year warranty. This induction cooktop is best to buy according to your budget.

Features Of Max Burton 6450

  • One Touch Simmer & Boil Options
  • LCD Screen
  • Touch Controls
  • Screen Lock Functions
  • 15 Temperature Settings
  • 1800Watts Of Power
  • Safety Functions Like Short Circuit, Overheating, Overvoltage etc
  • Easy To Use u0026 Cleann1 Year WarrantynYou Can Easily Move From One Place To Another nBest To Give A Gift nUser FriendlynNo. 1 Qualityn
  • Sometime This Cooktop Makes Noise
burton induction cooktops

(2) Max Burton 6600 Digital Induction Cooktop:  

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max burton induction cooktop

This is the Max Burton company’s 6600 model.

This cooktop also uses 120V AC power in all homes. And this cooktop is very easy and efficient to use.

This option is fitted to precisely control the temperature of your food. You can see how attractive this induction cooktop design is.

Anyone will buy at the moment they see it. Also important is the extra large cooking surface on top of this induction cooktop. You can easily move this cooktop from one place to another.

In this induction cooktop you can use programmable cooking as per your need like timer, temperature programs, slow cooking etc.

And you can set the timer from 1 to 180 minutes. This induction cooktop also has 1 year warranty. As per ratings & reviews you can buy this product.

Features Of Max Burton 6600

  • 1800Watts Of Power
  • LCD Display
  • Touchpad Controls
  • 21 Temperature Settings
  • One Touch Options
  • Safety Features
  • Programmable Cooking
  • Power Level Settings
  • Premium QualitynUnique Designn1 Year WarrantynPowerful MotornDigital ControlnPortable CooktopnThis Cooktop Is Able To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Kitchen
  • Sometimes Power Button Has To Be Pressed For A Long Time To Start.
max burton induction

(3) Max Burton 6515 Digital ProChef-1800 Induction Cooktop:

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digital induction cooktop

This is Max Burton’s 6515 model.

You can see how well this induction cooktop is designed. This induction cooktop is much more powerful than a normal cooktop.

This induction cooktop also has 4 operating modes. Such as power, temperature, and programmable cooking.

This induction cooktop has 10 adjustable watt settings and 15 temperature settings.

This cooktop is fully equipped with digital controls. It also has one touch options for your convenience.

Temperature checks have been installed for accurate cooking. This induction cooktop is able to carry more weight than a normal cooktop.

It also has a digital LCD for your convenience. Mostly this induction cooktop is used for commercial use.

The important thing is that you can carry this cooktop from one place to another. Like on a boat, in the garden etc.

This induction cooktop also has 1 year warranty.

Features Of Max Burton 6515

  • Digital Controls
  • 1800Watts Of Power
  • Powerful Motor
  • Touchpad
  • Locking System
  • 15 Temperature Settings
  • Programmable Cooking
  • One Touch Options Available
  • Powerful LooknUnique DesignnEasy To Use u0026 CleannTemperature ModenBest For Home u0026 Commercial UsenUser Friendlyn1 Year Warranty
  • No Negative Points Observed So Far
burton induction

(4) Max Burton 6535 Digital ProChef-3000 Induction Cooktop:

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max burton stoves

This is Max Burton’s 6535 model. This is also Max Burton’s most powerful induction cooktop.

This cooktop uses 220 volts power throughout the house. And it is also best for kitchen and commercial use.

And you can carry it wherever you want. This induction cooktop has 10 temperature levels.

If you are taking it for commercial use then this induction cooktop is best for you.

This induction cooktop is made up of fully advanced functions. It also has a lot of auto shut off functions for safety reasons.

And it also has led display, heat and temperature modes. You can operate everything on one touch. And most importantly, you can handle this induction easily.

Also, like other cooktops, this induction has a 1 year warranty.

Features Of Max Burton 6535

  • 3000Watts Of Power
  • Best For Commercial Use
  • Touchscreen Controls
  • Safety Lock System
  • Cooking Modes
  • LED Display
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Smart Induction CooktopnAdvanced FeaturesnPowerful MotornTouchscreen Optionsn1 Year WarrantynUnique Design
  • Little Bit Costlier
burton portable burner

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I am here for you to provide a real information to get correct product. So Friends That’s it for today. I hope you will like this (Max Burton Induction Cooktops). All of the above information about the product is true information. You can buy any of these products. The reviews and features of each of those products are very advanced. Before buying anything must check our reviews, suggestion, features, benefits etc. If you like share with your friends, families and needy one. And write a comment which topic you want next.

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